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  1. B


    does anyone have good reports on this drug, i take seroquel xr 50 am/pm seroquel single dose 25mg am/pm also prozac and diaiapam, seroquel has really helped me and just wondered if it had helped others,, no horror stories pls,xx
  2. Z

    quetianpine (seroquel) - anyone on this?

    Hi my psychiatrist is switching me from abilify to quetianpine (seroquel) Wondered if anyone else is on it. Is it any good and are there any side effects? Posted this on the bi polar site as well as it is used to treat both scizophrenia and bi polar. Thanks.
  3. lulubelle

    any advice on meds?

    Hi all, I finally got an appointment with the pychiatrist yesterday, he was pretty umph, cant think of a word!! I was on 300mg seroquel xl every evening, but have been up and down like a mental yoyo for about 6 weeks, so he suggested I either increase my seroquel or pick an add-on stabiliser...
  4. V


    I have PTSD and bipolar disorder and I am taking seroquel XR 600 mg. at bedtime. I have had insomnia for several years and my psychiatrist has tried to treat it with lunesta, but I began to sleep walk so I was taken off of that. He prescribed me the large dose of seroquel to make me sleep, but...
  5. S

    seroquel XL

    Hiya All, Just wondered if anyone is on this type of seroquel and has noticed the effects are better than the normal seroquel ?? I'm still feeling lousy came home from dropping the kids off at school and slept from 9am till 12.00 I'm just getting so fed up of feeling so sedated all...
  6. M

    seroquel and irritability

    has anyone been irritable on seroquel. I am really bad. Is there anything I can do?
  7. raven

    painful waffle

    Just been diagnosed with BPD, it wasn't really a shock as I'd self diagnosed myself about a year ago. Have been in therapy for a year now which is coming to an end in 2 weeks time. Feel scared for the future. Also just had my medication changed, I'm now on seroquel as well as risperidone and...
  8. getting better


    I've recently changed meds from Seroquel to Abilify. The seroquel was great for helping me sleep but made me eat eat eat. The abilify is great for during the day but I find my insomnia has returned with a vengence. My Psych says that people don't need as much sleep as they think they do..but...
  9. T

    Seroquel Quetiapine

    I heard on radio 4 last night a program about the pharmaceutical industry Seroquel alone brings in 4 and half billion pounds every year
  10. K

    Weight loss and seroquel

    Well i dunno how i have lost the weight but i have lost 24lbs :D in 3 weeks!!! one notch on my belt loop (moving more and eating less and not eating after 7pm) seems to really work! I have lost the weight i put on from being on Seroquel but still have another 4 stone to get to what i was when i...
  11. K

    seroquel + ??

    Hi, am feeling really rough but not sure what can take with seroquel as tried lemsip and made me so drowsy almost passed out...?? thanks, kate
  12. P

    aripiprazole (abilify)

    hi am currently on 600mgms seroquel an now being put on 10mgs abilify they intend tacking me off seroquel wat this med abilify like anyone? am hearing and seeing visions on seroquel.
  13. S

    Question about Seroquel

    I was told by my Pdoc that treating depression with Seroquel you are given a smaller dosage, a higher dosage is to treat mania. I'm currently taking 300mg of Seroquel (along with Depakote) for the low i'm currently experiencing and i'm finding the effect slow, it's been just over a week,.. am I...
  14. S

    New here - Feel so lonely

    Hi, Does anybody else feel lonely with this disorder ? I'm feeling so low, I just want some sort of life and meaning. I'm 33, and have two young children, but I still feel so very lonely it hurts so much. The depression takes over all the time and i'm so sick of it. I want to meet others...
  15. F

    Self Medicating

    Before I was seeking help for my MH, I would drink, quite a lot, to help with my sleep and anxiety. I was told recently that I have been self medicating. The Dr's have put me on Seroquel and celixia, but I still like to drink for fun. (I don't mix my Seroquel with booze) Just wondering if...
  16. Jo1760

    seroquel and sleep issues

    Following a visit from the C.T. I was perscribed seroquel at 50mg (to be increased this week) which i have been taking for the last 2.5 weeks. It was perscribed to balance my moods (mainly stop impulsive thinking or help reduce it anyway) and to help me sleep. During the first week I slept...
  17. A

    Worst Medication

    Which medication worked the worst for you? I have been on Fluoxetine, Zyprexa, Seroquel, Diazepam, Lorazepam, Aripiprazole, Effexor and Carbamazepine. And I can say the worst for me were Olanzapine, Prozac and Seroquel, I really hated them! I am currently on Aripiprazole, Effexor and...
  18. S

    Quetiapine xl (seroquel xl)

    I start quetiapine xl on Monday.Building up to 600mg.Anyone else on this?
  19. M

    some help

    Hi, New one here so go easy on me please. I have just recently in the past few months been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and just feel very alone. My psychiatrist said i have rapid cycling because my moods change on a daily basis, sometimes more than that. I suffer from ocd too which...