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  1. Not_Crazy_Yet

    Quetiapine / Seroquel

    How many of you take seroquel? What is your dosage? How long have you taken it? Do you find it helpful? What side effects if any do you have? Do you feel that you are building up a tolerance to it? I take SQ for Schizoaffective Bipolar subtype 400mg (200mg twice daily) I was also taking...
  2. brokenalex

    Fluoxetine and tired

    Was wondering if anyone is on fluoxetine or has been, how did you feel when you started? Because about 30min after ive taken it I just feel extremely tired and like im on drugs and feel completely out of it. Its not my first time having it been off for a year now and first time i ever had...
  3. S

    Feedback on Seroquel

    Hi! This is my first post. I recently got diagnosed as Bipolar I and the doctor put me on Seroquel with a target dose of 200mg. She is starting me on 50mg and is having me go up 50mg each week. I cut the pill in half and started at 25mg to avoid side effects. However, I slept all night and...
  4. valleygirl

    Hate Seroquel

    Seroquel has ruined my life. Psychiatric drugs in general have ruined my life, but seroquel is the worst. And now I'm stuck on it, because every time I try to lower the dose my anxiety shoots sky high.
  5. B

    yesterday I killed myself

    It's strange to be alive after I killed myself. Yesterday I had a strong urge to kill myself not because I want to die but because I want to kill myself. I can't go in detail here about those feelings. I called my pdoc. I couldn't talk to him. Then I feed the dogs and fill their water bowl...
  6. G

    Med change

    Hi had my emergency meeting with my psych today apparently my schizophrenic "tendencies" are active. I got a med change , from seroquel at night instead I am on olazapine with valdoxan and 3 separate seroquel a daily. Has anyone here any experience with zyprexa? Good or bad?
  7. S

    Olanzapine to Seroquel to Haldol

    Just found this website recommending a withdrawal process that involves changing from Olanzapine to Seroquel to Haldol as these effect less transmitters. I know it's a long shot but has anyone tried this? Five Easy Tips on How to Withdraw from Antipsychotics Safely | Alice W. Lee, MD, ABIHM -...
  8. valleygirl


    I saw my psychiatrist on Thursday, and he said I was presenting PTSD symptoms. He wants to put me on busprione. He told me that it could take 6 weeks before it starts working, but that once it starts working it is very effective, and he even thinks I might be able to come off of Seroquel...
  9. Lincoln1990

    Prozac withdrawal or starting Seroquel?

    Can they both cause nausea or is one more likely the culprit? Ever since I came off Prozac and started Seroquel Ive been horribly nauseous. I can barely eat. I know you all arent doctors but if you can help from your experiences that would be nice.
  10. Lincoln1990


    Is 300mg in the morning of Seroquel and 600mg at night a high dose? I don't know. I feel fine right now. My thoughts are racing as much right now. I'm HAPPY. i'm excited. For the future.
  11. M

    seroquel and constipation?

    I've been taking seroquel 200 mg for 2 1/2 years. I have had help with anxiety and it has improved my sleep a lot. My issue is that I have packed on about 40 pounds and have gotten increasingly more constipated. My belly looks about 5 months pregnant. has anyone else had this happen? I also...
  12. H

    Lamictal and seroquel withdrawal

    Hi folks, I'm new here. I wanted to ask if anyone has any experience with withdrawal from Lamictal and/or seroquel. I've been on 400mg of Lamictal for over 5 years. I take 200mg in the morning and 200 at night. It used to be that if I forgot my morning dose, by about 4pm I would become restless...
  13. J

    Would appreciate input on terrible dreams and sleep paralysis with seroquel

    Would appreciate input on terrible dreams and sleep paralysis with seroquel Hello. I am Joe. I am33 and have had a multitude of mental issues for around 19 years. I have severe depression,social and general anxiety,ocd, and insomnia. I have been on more drugs than I can count to combat...
  14. Lincoln1990

    Then voices!

    They are really really bad today. Worse than they have been since I started working. Switched to Seroquel from Risperdall Slept last night. Feel less tired. Want o die. Nobody would care anyway.
  15. Kunoichi

    I'm tired of being a zombie

    Seroquel is the only bi polar medication I have been on. I've been taking it since last June, with good results as far as my mood goes. Excellent results were seen in a month. I was more confident, my self esteem was a bit higher, and I wasn't so depressed. I went to my psychiatrist in the...
  16. AndyfromScotland

    I'm back and I'm alive!

    Hi everyone, I haven't been on the mental health forum for a while now. The end of 2014 was a bit like the beginning of 2013. Hell. So many things have changed in my life. Remember how I used to complain about my GP week in, week out? I changed practice. I had Zoloft taken off me and...
  17. V

    Decided with psychiatrist, to try and taper down

    So here we go again, currently on 400 MG seroquel daily, and 400 MG abilify, and we have decided in therapy, that this is too much medicine if lower doses can be tolerated and reasonable, and without major risk of any undesired outcome. We have decided to taper down to 200 MG abilify and keep...
  18. P

    advice about meds

    So when I was 15 after years of sweaty palms and hiding obsessive behaviour I went to pdocs and was diagnosed with depression ocd anxiety and asd (mild case) so I went on sertraline @ 15 it did not help then clomipramine then @16 a mix of seroquel and clomipramine and things started to get...
  19. D

    Quitiapine Wipe out!

    Does anyone know how long Quitiapine adjustments take to get over, I have just increased from 300mg to 600mg and I feel super zombie. How long will the tired feeling last now that I am taking 300mg morning and 300mg at night?
  20. L

    its just so unfair

    I hate being overweight! Seroquel, an underactive throid aand a love of food:scared: its jus so unfair I want to tell everyone I walk past im on medication and I have an underactive thYroid LOL