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  1. krista

    I feel like a burden to everyone.

    I am burden to everyone who knows me. I don't deserve to live. I can't cope with my job, I think I'm going to be fired soon. I can't cope with my private life as well. I wish my BF would break up with me. it would be a good punishment. and I don't want a serious relationship anyway. I can't...

    Its just a hunger for social interaction.

    A lot of the times this is what I have. To talk, to have fun, share jokes and so on. To bring happiness where there was misery. Lets face it, life can be unbearably serious especially with money issues that everyone has. And the desire to be a 'winner'. Losers are more fun LOL.
  3. C

    My current situation

    Apologies for this long post and if some parts fall into different catagories. After a glittering career as a chef working in high profile reassurance until I was 22,(I'm 27 now) I declined into a world I didn't recognise anymore. I'm sure I always suffered from depression from a young age...
  4. C

    blood test results

    Hi i got a phone calll from my doctor saying my blood results are back and they said they cant tell me over the phone but to come in on Wednesday. if its serious would they make me wait a week or get in in asap
  5. U

    Something that bothers me??

    I've got a real dilemma in my twisted little mind that I've never been able to answer and it's back to haunt me today.... I've struggled with suicidal thoughts for a very long time and have always kept it to myself. My thinking is that if I was serious then I'd just get on with it, if I told...
  6. RainbowHeartz

    please help

    Honestly when someone does this smiley :p what does it mean to you?? I'm serious I want to know your thoughts
  7. F

    NHS England pledge to help patients with serious mental illness

    NHS England has pledged to tackle the issue of early death in patients with serious mental illness, a group who have the life expectancy of people living in the 1950s. As the Department of Health launches its Mental Health Action Plan, NHS England is setting out how it will tackle a number of...
  8. T

    Is this caused by Anxiety or something much more serious? [LONG POST]

    Hey guys, i dont want to go on for too long so ill try break it down for you: Notes: I have had relatively long periods of high stress / depression in the past few years but nothing serious im not really healthy, not fat but half way, ive had times where i eat Fast Food three / four times a...
  9. tigerfish

    Impolsive behaviour!

    Has anyone else ever got themselves into serious trouble because of impulsiveness? :eek:
  10. I

    I've been diagnosed with mixed affective state, Is this on the more serious end of bipolar?

    I've been diagnosed with mixed affective state, Is this on the more serious end of bipolar? ?????????????????
  11. catkin

    "serious case review"

    Has anyone had a "serious case review" meeting held about them? I checked and this is what it's called, it started off being called a case conference, and now this. Am not allowed to attend, it's to decide on my care, thought the phrase was used for when things have gone very wrong/criminal...
  12. bulbie


    My place at uni has been denied, my frozen account has been closed so can't get another account to pay off the balance, what the FUCK do people expect me to do now?! Proper struggling, my health isn't good, have concerns that are potentially serious, also going to fight to get my ASD dx. I...
  13. rasselas.redux

    Tell me why I do your head in and I'll try and make adjustments...

    Tell me why I do your head in and I'll try and make adjustments... I give you permission to be as disparaging as you like, just try, if you can, to be humorous. I ask this not for some kind of sadistic experience, but because it seems I upset certain people, or piss them off, and I honestly...
  14. T

    serious med withdrawal

    Four days ago, my foster son, (of four years), turned eighteen and decided to stop taking all his meds....cold turkey! (400 mg Lamictal, 15 mg of Abilify, and .4 mg of Clonidine). How long might it be before the serious withdrawal symptoms kick in? How long might they last? I'm very worried...
  15. prairiechick

    Is Easy Rider's Thread A Mockery Of My Thread That Got Deleted?

    I was asking, real, serious questions, but apparently no one takes me seriously on this forum.