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  1. Kerome

    Serious investigation of love in therapy

    Does anyone know if there has ever been a serious investigation of the effects of love in therapy? It seems to me to be the greatest force in the psyche, love, acceptance, being held in a caring and safe environment. If therapy could harness that, then perhaps some great things might be possible.
  2. R

    gp suggests antidepressants

    he says i'm tired because i'm depressed with my mother ill and financial circumstances, he suggests antidepressants, he says he fully understands why i don't want to take them but to think of it When i was in brum there was this guy on 6 drugs, one a mercury compound, he used to have this silly...
  3. L


    Hi all, just to clarify, I'm 23 years old. Stuck in a dead end job which I'm losing motivation for. For the last couple of years I've experienced emotional out bursts that leave me from feeling anger to feeling severely depressed. Just wondering if this is anything serious such as signs of...
  4. polkadotscarf

    On the verge of a breakdown

    Don't want to OD so hoping that posting here will be an alternative to that. Feeling horribly sad and confused and conflicted. Tried calling for help today but have to wait at around 3 months. I need help now. Before I do some serious damage. Not the HTT sort of help. That's useless and...
  5. cpuusage

    Mend the Gap: A New Hope for Mental Health.

    Mend the Gap: A New Hope for Mental Health. | Emotional Wellness Katie Mottram, a friend of mine, has just published her book Mend the Gap: A Transformative Journey from Deep Despair to Spiritual Awakening. Katie speaks candidly from a very unique position having lived with a mother who was...
  6. cpuusage

    Pets Help People Manage The Pain Of Serious Mental Illness

  7. F

    The medicalization of "ups and downs": The marketing of the new bipolar disorder

    The medicalization of "ups and downs": The marketing of the new bipolar disorder "The concept of bipolar disorder has undergone a transformation over the last two decades. Once considered a rare and serious mental disorder, bipolar disorder is being diagnosed with increasing frequency in Europe...
  8. W

    Anxiety and Sensations of Falling

    I get weird feelings like that feeling you get from travelling in a lift afterward. So I might be sat in front of my computer and I'll feel, very briefly, as if I'm lurching forward, like my chair slipped or something. It's really disorienting and I can't tell if it's related to anxiety, which I...
  9. shojostar

    Does anybody get disability for their schizoaffective?

    I have been trying to get on disability for my schizoaffective for 3 years. The judge thinks I can work, but me and my doctors and my therapists all agree that I am not well enough to work. Also, they say the judge i have is the hardest and most unfair. He even said I was dressed to well for...
  10. F

    Smoking greatly reduces life expectancy for those with serious mental illness

    Smoking greatly reduces life expectancy for those with serious mental illness Smokers with serious mental illness have their lives cut short by about 15 years, compared with people who have never smoked and who do not have serious mental illness, research from the University of Michigan shows...
  11. outoforder

    Double needs and wishes

    Hi all, I just separated from partner I have been with for 8 years. Feels ok most of the times. We were like friends only the last 3 years so there is not a big difference. Met a new guy, really like him and he likes me. I don't want anything super duper serious which "should last forever"...
  12. I

    I done it

    so I've gone back to work that's great and I've just texted those so called friends telling then there's something really serious I need to speak to them about and I will put in a letter as can't tell them over a text face to face or over phone only for them to reply back wasn't meant for me but...
  13. I

    Advice please

    Ovbs those who have been following will know I'm suicidal because of so called friends leaving me out not wanting to spend anytime with me well I'm.thinking of sending one of then a message saying I really need to speak to them about something really serious but I don't want them to think any...
  14. L

    Why do serious people and situations cause me so much anxiety?

    I am not normally one who is shy around anyone as long as I'm laughing or joking around and having a good time. I am the life of the party but when it comes to any sort of serious situation. I freeze up. I don't know how to react or comfort people. The reason I'm posting this is lately my...
  15. E

    Confused about the future

    I have been with my boyfriend for 7 years. I only recently recently found out that he had a serious depressive episode not long before we got together 7 years ago, and attempted suicide at that time. Since we have been together there has been ups and downs but nothing I considered beyond the...
  16. pomegranate


    I don't really know how to introduce myself. To make it simple : I'm new on the forum. I don't really know what I expect from this. I just taped "depression forums" because I know that we are a lot to suffer from depression, anxiety, STD, bipolarity and many other things... and I thought it...
  17. A

    Not sure what's wrong!

    My ex boyfriend and I have been best friends since our relationship fizzled out 8 years ago. Neither of us having another serious relationship in those 8 years. I am now in a serious relationship and my ex has undergone some major personality changes. He is ill. I can see it he can't. He says he...
  18. N

    Would you ask to see your notes

    Hello all, I recently saw information which maybe I shouldn't have on my patient page on my gps website [at my gp you book appointments online and have access to your gp's notes]:ihatecomputers: The information listed my diagnosis and condition as much more serious then I understood it to be...
  19. L

    Anxiety and serious sweating

    Hi! I have a serious sweating issue which limits me from applying cosmetics. This issue irritates me as I continue sweating very badly. So I considered taking botox hyperhidrosis treatment . It has been booked for the next month. But I'm terrified now as I heard that the cerebral pain is a...
  20. C

    Have sudeenyl developed urge to self harm

    I am a new member and am really scared right now. I have developed a sudden urge to self harm in a specific way, which I am in no doubt is a response to extreme mental stress and pressure. It was triggered by attending legal conference last week as preparation for testifying in court. The...