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  1. S

    Lonely, scared

    I'm lonely. I have no friends IRL and even online I feel people don't like me and don't want to chat with me. I have my parents still and I am lucky because they are good and love me, but they are old now and when they are gone, they will be gone. I'm also scared because I have a very dark...
  2. N


    I'm new to this, I am seeking some help. I'm feeling suicidal but have no where to turn, a&e keep turning me away and community health team is the same. Do I actually have to take an overdose to be taken serious.. Please help m me, I am desperate. Need all the help I can get, please, I don't...
  3. M

    Serious Letter.

    Thinking of writing a serious letter about my struggle with Blpd. I want Drs to understand when they get new 'patient's' This is going to be hard to type. Emotionally/pyhsically abused as a kid by kids Left Feeling scared and unworthy of anything Drinking Alcahol at 12 Shutting Down Killing...
  4. G

    Relationship Anxiety

    I've been in a serious relationship for almost a year now but I feel that my anxiety and depression are starting to get in the way of it. I am taking medications for both my anxiety and depression. This is the first serious relationship I have ever been in and I'm not sure how to go about...
  5. P

    what happens if your sectioned

    hi what happens if your sectioned i have serious issues with being giving pills never been sectioned before but the way my life is right now its a matter of time i think. i would never wanna hurt any nurses but if i was forced medication i would really kick off and i have serious violent...
  6. N

    Does Schizoaffective Disorder sound serious and am I alienating people when I mention I have it?

    Does Schizoaffective Disorder sound serious and am I alienating people when I mention I have it? I know people have heard of Schizophrenia and the stigma that diagnosis attaches. Do you think Schizoaffective Disorder has a stronger stigma because it sounds more aliening to people than...
  7. letmein

    so close

    to calling it a day....... can't go on much further, had a run of bad luck this week and its pushed me to the edge. from here on in I need to make a serious choice about what next step I make and how. :cry2:
  8. F

    Report finds 'serious issues' with use of Mental Health Act

    Posted by Denis Campbell May 1 2018 Report finds 'serious issues' with use of Mental Health Act | Society | The Guardian I have only ever been sectioned for just a few days in the early 80s so can't really comment on this.
  9. S

    Heart Pain

    I frequently feeling pain in my heart. Does it relate to any serious heart problem?
  10. A

    Hello all!

    Hi folks, So I've finally built up the courage to join this forum and try to manage my depression, which is starting to raise its nasty head again. I've suffered on and off for five years and had three fairly serious breakdowns before the age of 21. I'm definitely not ready for another one :(
  11. I

    I think I have schizophrenia. Looking for answers.

    I just joined this forum to connect with some people and hopefully shed some light on my problems. I'm 27 years old and starting to see that there may be something seriously wrong with me. For the majority of my life I was a major drug addict. I started smoking marijuana at 11, was doing...
  12. S

    Why So; you know the rest

    Sometimes serious topics get twisted to a point that it is funny like. To the point were I can't take anything serious. What is wrong with me?
  13. megirl


    I have had these throughout my life. I had a serious car crash december last year. 3 weeks before the accident I had a voice telling me I would be involved in a serious car crash soon I have had them before. Knowing somethings going to happen before it does doesnt freak me out but the knowing...
  14. Mr.DoucheBag1984

    Hello people

    Hello I been here before but forgot my screen name and now I am using this name. Don't ask me why I am using this name. I have serious mental issues that need help so I will post them somewhere else.
  15. E

    Afraid of being bad...

    I actually need help.It is destroying my life.This days something terrible is happening to me.I am afraid I am going to become everything that I hear and I don't like.Like,I am hearing that someone stole something,(and just because I don't want to become a thief)I am trying to convince myself...
  16. T

    Can't prevent crying whenever I'm angry

    Ok, I've had this issue for a long time and never asked for advice on this subject before. I will use a throwaway account since some people know my real one. I feel like I can't provide a TL:DR version of this story so I'd appreciate it if anyone might be able to read what I write to understand...
  17. Lyotto1

    What are you most insecure about?

    If i see some serious answers i will put mine under.
  18. F

    Hello Everyone

    Hello everyone I been on this form for awhile but forgot to remember my screen name and password and decided to get this name. I have serious issues that I need help with.
  19. L

    Psychosexual problem - Serious responses only please. <3

    Hey, So, Yesterday my boyfriend said that he wants injections to make his manhood bigger because from his perspective, he is not big enough. I reassure him that his manhood is normal, I am satisfied with it and statistics show that following enhancement procedures, most men are still not...
  20. blacksmoke

    t00 many buses and m0re

    dunno thought i would start a new thread cnat continue with prev thread as i was in a very dark place.:low: it seems that waiting until next month to start to unravel the unexpressed grief is not maybe a good thing to wait. but that is all that is on offer. i havent managed to process stuff...