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  1. M

    Keep Spacing Out

    Hi All! I keep spacing out for no reason or I can't think of a reason. Could be anxiety or I know it sounds strange but seems to happen shortly after drinking tea I've noticed. What happens is I can't think straight and my vision goes a bit funny. I go from feeling really good to not being...
  2. K

    Seratonin syndrome or panic attack?

    Right so im 18 year old male and on the previous saturday (25th) i took mdma and after i smoked weed (which ive smoked for the past 6 months) to help with the come down after. I heard that 5-htp is supposed be good to take after md to reduce the comedown so about a week later on the Thursday i...
  3. B

    I hurt and I'm tired

    I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. The internal pain of failing in life is becoming too much. I am what people would call successful. I should be happy and content. I have the most beautiful wife in the history of the universe and the most perfect child that will have his first...
  4. S

    Seratonin, Mental Focus and 24 hour cycle.

    It was difficult to know where to put this post as I suppose it covers a few areas. For my whole life (or at least since I was a teenager and I'm well over 40 now) I have had difficulties concentrating during the day. After about 8 or 9pm my concentration suddenly improves. I go to sleep at...
  5. K

    It gets worse? much worse or better?

    Where to begin, just seen P.doc and he dont like my mixed agitation and mixed states or down ness, went on and on about the meds and dopamine and low, and dopamine high and seratonin high, and seratonin low, and how it makes you ill? Dopamine too high = bad thorts and the paranoia, get the...