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  1. D

    Tardive Dskensia

    My daughter was taking 100mg of seraquel and 6mg of resperdone for schizophrenia. She has developed this side effect where she constantly is moving her mouth. I pointed it out to psychiatrist a few weeks ago and he stopped seraquel. She still has the mouth movements on resperdone alone. So he...
  2. D

    Side effects from seraquel

    Hi everyone, so my daughter is finally accepting help. The Dr has started with seraquel, as of one week now 100mg 3 C a day. Just last night she started getting leg cramps. Wondering if anyone knows of a rx that would help with this that is safe with seraquel? Our Dr is out of office or I would...
  3. N

    Risperidone has numbed my hugging/kissing etc

    Hi. I atleast think its Risperidone, heres the story. It all started 6 years ago when I started taking Effexor for anxiety, my hugging and kissing then went numb, meaning I don't feel anything, hugging a hot girl or kissing her, you don't feel it, its dead. Eventially I then went on to seraquel...