1. D

    Nearest relative

    Hi My mum is on a section 3 and has Alzheimer's. I am nearest relative as she has been separated from her husband for several years. They have remained friends and he wants to move in to look after her if she goes home. Mum agrees as she really wants to go home and I work full time including...
  2. N


    Hi. I am female, 39, got 3 lovely kids, health problems which mean I can't sit down, bulimia and am seperated from kids dad. Been in a relationship for a year and a half and suddenly my boyfriend who has always been amazing and supportive has just changed into a critical, short tempered...
  3. jaybe

    hello iam a newbie

    :mad:hi iam jaybe and have just joined and not sure what to expect on this site ,:confused: but suffer from depression & was given this website to try out .:clap: and i have recently seperated from wife:clap: and tried taking my life due to all the stress :(, so on loads of meds .:tongue: well...