1. R

    equal ops form from housing assoc

    my first thought is what grant are they after from some organisation that requires them to keep equal ops data i don;t particularly agree with how equal ops operate in practice, this form theres half a page covering exact ethnic issues then a sentence saying do you consider yourself disabled...
  2. tiltawhirl

    If I pay more attention to how I deal with people today....

    I will be more thoughtful. I will look for opportunities to be kind. I won't get irritated at their choice or timing for their day. I will say what I mean, mean what I say and not say it meanly. I will decide who I let in my life and who will effect me. I will have a general attitude of...
  3. C

    Can you ever really stop???

    Hi, I'm hoping to find a glimmer of hope within the darkness. Ive been a self harmer for the best park of 15 years, but I haven't done it for almost a year now. And the time before then there was also a big gap when I didn't do it. Both times I thought I had gotten over it, clearly I was wrong...
  4. R

    I can't sleep.

    It's 11:38 pm as I'm typing this sentence. I took my medication at 9 pm and usually it works several minutes, especially if I eat something right after taking it. Well I did eat something. It was a sandwich with Gouda cheese, ham, salami, tomatoes, and mushrooms. And I still can't sleep. I don't...
  5. shaky

    How do you talk

    I have been wondering about other people's experience of talking while psychotic or otherwise unwell. I remember that I used to have trouble getting to the end of sentences. I'd start a sentence and then get stuck on a word, just repeating the one word or just the first letter of a word that I...

    Describe hearing voices in one sentence

    Listening to somebody i hate all the time.
  7. Beergardenweather

    Describe BPD in one sentence

    For me I think..... 'It stops me from enjoying life'
  8. G

    Descirbe aniexty with three words...

    I shall go first CLEAN, EVIL BUTTERFLIES and QUIET,SHY,F*** OFF doesn't have to be exactly 3 words but you get the point. I'm wanting to create a series off illustrations that represent aniexty don't hold back! if three words aren't enough then write a sentence! be as creative as you like. xx
  9. D

    Puppet on a string

    If you don't laugh , you will,cry, !!! People want smiles, happy faces, they demand it, how are you ? They ask , you don't even pause, fine thanks, yourself is your pre recorded reply ! , When you really want to say, do you know what !! I am not fine ! I am so pissed off with people like you...
  10. RainbowHeartz

    Talking problems

    ok so i dont always say what i think i do until someone points it out for instance i may say "i went to the spider earlier" now i personally thought i said "i went to the shops earlier" but i may have seen a spider when saying the sentence or it may have been in my mind. it wouldnt matter if...
  11. O

    can voices be more thought-like

    I "hear" thoughts or something in my head that aren't my own thinking voice. It's children chanting the same sentence over and over, but it's not a sound I hear with my ears. It's a sound from inside my head. Make sense?
  12. M

    I don't understand what I'm saying as I say it.

    I have a really hard time communicating because when I speak, I find that the I am detached from the words I say. In other words, I don't understand what I'm saying, even though I am technically speaking. This makes it so difficult to speak more than one sentence, because after one, I'm already...
  13. C

    I'm free!

    Hi all. A few ciders with my name after today. So I got locked up at dinnertime. It's finally all over. Long story short, I get 10 months sentence suspended for 2yrs. Just gotta stay outta trouble for a while!
  14. S

    Do you have friends?

    I don't. Well I have one who I meet for lunch every 3 months, and I know I can't contact her on the phone any time and I'm not welcome at her house. Having no friends makes me feel like a loser, loner. Outcast from society. Abnormal, unwanted, unloved. I hate my job but I'm telling myself I...
  15. M

    Problems with speech/reading/listening to speech.

    Bear with me on this... On Monday (3 days ago at the time of writing this), I had a migraine, which is a usual thing for me. I've been getting them for years. A common symptom for me DURING the migraine (through the stages of visual aura and pain) is impaired ability to read, talk or understand...
  16. Blackdog69

    Ever Felt like this?????

    Have a look @ my Avatar and in a sentence describe how you feel if this was you.. For Blackdog..."Same Crap Different Day"....
  17. Mister.B

    Integrated or a death sentence: The life of Mister.B

    So being integrated is cool and all, but as I've touched on a few times recently....Not having the others has left a gaping hole in my life, especially as I'm co-conscious. What if, however, it also leaves a hole in the lives of other people? What if I'm the worst 'other', the host? The others...
  18. Kerome

    Almost voices

    I was wondering if anyone else has a problem with "almost-voices". It's like hearing little fragments of speech or noise, and then seeing the brain go haywire trying to fit a sentence to that, sometimes to the point that it gets revised a time or two while you're thinking about something that...
  19. M

    When things are tough-describe how you feel with a sentence...

    Hi all, I have closed the original thread in the chill out cafe and created two "describe how you feel with a sentence" threads. A new one in the chillout cafe and another in experiences. The aim of the chill out cafe has always been for some time out from mental health struggles and a bit...
  20. firoz


    i need to talk to people who khow depression ,social phobia, i went to many doctors and tried fluxetin , citalopram ,klonazpam,zolamin ,alanzapin,lamotrigin and sertralin i went to psycologist too i have these too illnesses. but i think i have adhd too becuse she said st and my lack of attention...