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  1. A

    Intrusive images and physical sensations

    I have Generalised Anxiety Disorder and OCD which I find mostly manageable (after a load of therapy and beta blockers). However, sometimes when I get really, really stressed or even for no reason, I get an intrusive image that also comes with a sensory experience, which I find really...
  2. MissesGange

    Does anyone else have this?

    Hello everyone, I have been diagnosed with Bipolar with psychotic features. I am legally disabled I suppose and cannot work full time because of this. My main question is, do any of you with anxiety or bipolar or any other mental health problem struggle with loud sounds, lights or textures? And...
  3. Topcat

    Sensory overload

    I've noticed long conversations with my eldest when she's lively gradually wind me up inside until I have to leave the room for a bit, it gets too much and I feel an overwhelming urge to react. I can't stand it. It's the same in any busy, noisy places, or where there's loads of things going on...
  4. cpuusage

    Is There A Disorder That Makes You Over-Sensitive?

    Is There A Disorder That Makes You Over-Sensitive? - Digg When a gentle glow feels like a spotlight and everyday sounds hurt your ears, life can get anxious and painful. But, discovers Emma Young, there may be an upside to being a highly sensitive person. At the age of six, Jack Craven started...
  5. C

    City of Glasgow

    Glasgow Time and Space Wellpark-Kirk Haven Business Centre 120 Sydney Street Glasgow Glasgow City G31 1JF Elaine: 07875219668 Lindsey: 07891673485 [email protected] Time and Space is a unique service in Glasgow offering support and information to people who hear voices and people...
  6. shaky

    Bodily experience and a quiet mind

    Yesterday I worked hard, in the garden, naked. I clipped the lawn, dug up weeds, cleared brambles. By the end of the effort my muscles were aching - but in a good way. And all while naked, enjoying the sunshine and the fresh air on my body. In the evening I found a stillness came upon my...
  7. pepecat

    Research request - in connection with Intervoice and Hearing Voices Network

    Research request - in connection with Intervoice and Hearing Voices Network Please note this request has been approved by forum staff. Could you help us to contribute to our understanding of the experience of hearing voices and other sensory perceptions? We are conducting two studies...
  8. C


    Darley Dale - Matlock Derbyshire Federation for Mental Health Stancliffe House Molyneux Business Park Darley Dale Matlock Derbyshire DE4 2HJ 01629 733915 [email protected] We will work with anyone affected by, or with an interest in, mental health issues. If we cannot...
  9. SomersetScorpio

    Sensitivity To Sound Linked To Creative Genius

    Read more Good news, my misophonia isn't crazy. It's a sign of my genius. :mrgreen:
  10. G

    alternative sensory experience support network

    facebook, interchange of ideas
  11. micox

    Norfolk Forum

    :flowers: Best have one of these or the locals beside the German Ocean aren't complete. Much uncertainty/equivocality/conflict/denial here around mental health service users avoiding being labelled 'disabled' for rights purposes and embedded silos of 'mental health' and 'physically and sensory'...
  12. S

    An Alternative View to Social Anxiety

    Hello all. My reason for writing this statement is to offer an alternative point of view and possibly a solution to the Social Anxiety condition. Firstly, I'd like to start by saying that what I'm about to present has taken around eight years of continuous study and isn't a simple theory...
  13. S

    serious advice needed

    hey i have had this real bad for 2 years now i was in the emergency room once this is so bad i can barely make it to class i have to constantly call for rides to get home and i cant even go to the grocery store. when im in my apartment im usually okay and im not afraid to go outside in fact for...