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  1. K

    Scared of loud sudden sounds?

    Well i'm not sure if this is a phobia or if my ears are extremely sensitive. I can't stand loud sudden sounds as they scare me and i start to get really anxious and sweating. so i have to hold my ears e.g -thunderstorms -fireworks -ballons and other type of loud sudden sounds but if i go to...
  2. D

    I don’t want to feel this way. I feel so alone. I do not have any friends.

    My mother left my dad when I was a little girl. He wanted her to feel the pain he felt, but she didn’t love him anymore so he used me to do it. I was three or four years old when they split up. He would tell me that she didn’t love me and that the only reason she was trying to get custody of me...
  3. qwerty1234

    being really sensitive

    I have never written about something like this before... I am learning about hsp and also openness as a personality characteristic, and it's been hard being me becuase I am really sensitive to emotional disconnection but also really hopeful and optimistic and open to stuff, so I get into...
  4. Hikikomori1979

    How to not be sensitive to everything

    This is a post i saw on reddit, so i might as well post this here So, granted there are ways to not be sensitive to things, such as charity people on the street, or people in a public space But what are ways to not be sensitive to things, especially things that concern yourself- the...
  5. N

    Anti psychotic side effect.

    Hello. I been taking perphenzine for a year Recently this summer I notice my body sensitive to Sun. usually I get Sun tan a lot but not when taken perphenzine. My question is there other drugs that don't effect Sun sensitive? Maybe abilify?
  6. Fairy Lucretia

    sorry ,want to explain x

    thanks for all the lovely private messages x some of you may have seen i got all upset friday night and said i was leaving x well i took something the wrong way and i do often misinterpret things as part of my illness i was being a big baby but i am EXTREMELY sensitive and can't help it well...
  7. tjola

    please help

    I’m new here, just downloaded this app. I’m 23 and female and have bdp/EUPD anxiety, manic depression and body dysmorphia. I’m really struggling and I just want to talk to other people who have personality disorders. Please be kind, I’m really sensitive at the moment. Xxx
  8. W

    WHAT IF...Sensitivity and Emotional Empathy (ie BPD) was celebrated instead of demonized?

    WHAT IF...Sensitivity and Emotional Empathy (ie BPD) was celebrated instead of demonized? Okay, so alot of research shows that people with BPD are much more highly sensitive than the average 'normal' human being. We pick up on others subtle body language or facial expressions, much more than...
  9. L

    Parent of daughter with possible harm OCD

    My wife and I would really love some support and guidance right now related to how to talk with & support our 14 yro daughter, struggling with what sounds like (from our research) possoble harm OCD or something related. Background: About 3 weeks ago our daughter had a disturbingly violent...
  10. P

    Advice needed

    Hi sorry if I posted this is in the wrong thread. My sister has had ongoing emotional turmoils. She seems to go through periods of being 'fine' and then a period of falling apart, often years apart. Our family has a history of anxiety and depression, including myself. But she seems to be going...
  11. A


    Hello my name is Aleksandra and I've just joined this forum. I like learning new languages,music and politics. My issues are depression,anxiety and possible bpd. I'm very sensitive so please be quite cautious with answers but Im greatly looking forward to any replies
  12. G


    Hi my name is Georgia May. I like dogs and chocolate fudge cake. My mh issues are ocd, possible bpd and schizophrenia. Basically I am a mess. Please be gentle, I'm too sensitive for my own good and bruise easily. Sorry.
  13. K

    How do you know if you are really sick?

    Sometimes I question whether I actually have issues or whether I make them up for myself to excuse my bad behaviour. On some days (if not most) I feel like I am a completely healthy, balanced person who sometimes feels a bit down and is too sensitive. On others I feel like I am actually sick...
  14. F

    High Pitch Noises

    For the last few weeks I have been sensitive to high pitch noises. This is anything from the noise of plates clanging together when being put away to power tools. My counsellor says I have being disassociating for a while, before this period and did not really know this could happen. How long...
  15. T

    Caffeine, good or bad?

    I don't really drink much caffeine as I'm very sensitive. I've been feeling like a zombie. When i get up I'm tired, then I go to work feeling tired and crappy. I've been having one coffee, but mostly decaff with a bit of caff, just to perk me up but not make me wired. It helps me feel more...
  16. F

    Too weak and too sensitive for life

    Hello everyone, I am here for the first time. Dont know where to start. I come from an abusive enviroment. I had a family where nobody loved anybody. My parents abused me and my siblings physically by beating but most of the time mentally. There wasnt love in our family. My older sibling was...
  17. L

    Sharing my thoughts...I hope you don't mind...I hope it isn't too long.

    Sharing my thoughts...I hope you don't mind...I hope it isn't too long. I am trying to remain as positive as I can by reminding myself 'why would I want to be with someone who doesn't want me in their life any more' (boyfriend broke up with me) It is hard because of the broken promises...
  18. B

    Is it worth a trip to the doctors? I dont think my Prozac is effecting me as much as it used to

    Is it worth a trip to the doctors? I dont think my Prozac is effecting me as much as it used to As I said in the topic title, the last few weeks, even though Im still taking my meds regularly and avoiding things like alcohol whilst keeping myself active, Im noticing some things are coming back...
  19. V

    severe weight gain reaction to alot of meds?

    I have been on meds for 10 years. Before I was on meds I was borderline anorexic. It didn't matter if there was only a small chance of gaining weight or if there was a chance I'd only gain a few pounds. Each med caused me to gain weight. So I was heavier last summer. I was so stressed last...
  20. E

    Voices and symbology

    Last year I tried writing about the voices using symbols for the things they spoke about. They were people (Voices) that lived on an island (Me) and interactions between me and friends were like sending ships to other islands or ships from other islands coming to visit. The voices reacted to...