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self help

  1. G

    four legs won't cure me

    I honestly don’t know how to start this. I am both ashamed and absolutely desperate. To sum up my situation: I might have made the most expensive mistake in my life and ruined a few lives in the process. I am a student living away from home, diagnosed with depression and on medication for...
  2. Urban Hermit

    Emotional mapping

    I posted about this before on the BPD thread ... So I made a thing and I'm posting an example here to see if it would help anyone else. X It's just a simple way to chart emotions and to try to record some simple reasons if they are there ? It's much like a diary or journal but less wordy .. so...

    Have you ever tried EFT?

    EFT is tapping solution to release our pain, stress, or mental issue. I find this technique from a book. Have you ever tried? Do you think it can work for you when you needed help the most but nobody is there for you?
  4. TroubleinParadise

    The Power of Proactivity

    It's quite an empowering thought isn't it? I am a firm believer that proactivity is key to mental health improvement. Like I noted in my first post "Practical guide on How to Manage OCD", I am not building theories out of thin air - this is the testimony and experience of someone who was...
  5. C

    Help with Diagnosis

    Hello all, I am currently at a stage in life where I feel the need to seek further help with my mental health and current turmoil. However I am looking forward to getting stuck in with the forum and helping others with the knowledge and advice that I have. I am currently 23 years old and have...
  6. J

    I want to ask one thing

    about the anxiety . is it real that because of constipation I may have breathing problems and because of that I may have anxiety. Regards Jugnoo
  7. Konifera

    Proud of Myself

    I've been putting forth a ton of effort into overcoming my negative train of thoughts, which at times is seemingly impossible because of how overbearing and irrational they are in nature. Regardless, this morning I had woken up with said thoughts in my mind loading me full of the feeling I just...
  8. RainbowHeartz

    trigger warning just in case its about living with a toxic parent, would like tips on coping and managing a toxic parent that im going to be living wi

    trigger warning just in case its about living with a toxic parent, would like tips on coping and managing a toxic parent that im going to be living with permanentely hi ok so my mum is toxic to my mind and brain, living seperatly is not an option well how can i look after my needs in a toxic...
  9. R

    Need help making a positive change and regaining energy to live

    Hello everyone, I hope i am posting this in the right forum. Sorry for the wall of text, here it goes: I have realized I am in a viscious cycle of lazyness, lack of ambition, hatred, pessimism, video game addiction and probably even depression. I am 22 y/o, about to finish university for a...
  10. SarahD

    Mental Health Apps

    I spent some time this afternoon looking at what mental health apps are available in the AppStore for Apple devices. I expect there are similar apps for Android. There are a surprising number of apps, many for specific conditions like depression, anxiety or OCD, some for more general mood...
  11. P

    Time To Change

    This is the first time I've opened up about mental health to anyone. For the past year I have been suffering with an eating disorder and/or depression/anxiety (not really sure what it is) and I have managed to keep it well hidden and disguised to everyone and anyone in my life. I realise it's...
  12. raquelmaria15

    Summer clothing and scars

    It's the best time and the worst time: summer. I personally love summer, and I hate winter. However, for someone that self-harms and has scars, summer can be dreadful. It's hard to find clothes that cover the scars and that are fresh enough for the heat. I try to not care about the scars...
  13. raquelmaria15

    Coping/Emergency Box -- Great for Recovery

    Hi! I recently decided to try to make a kit where I could keep all my coping skills. I found that this has been really helpful and it's a great tool for recovery. What’s an emergency box? It’s the fab idea to take a bunch of comforting/soothing/therapeutic things and make a box for yourself...
  14. S

    Please help me work myself out, if anyone has similar thoughts/feelings or sees any obvious disorders?

    Please help me work myself out, if anyone has similar thoughts/feelings or sees any obvious disorders? I have been depressed and lonely for years but in the last few months things have become much worse, to the point of almost constant emotional pain which completely interferes with my life...
  15. A

    hello! new to the forum (:

    Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum and am not quite sure where to start posting, first of all, I wanted to join the forum because I have been struggling to deal with my mood swings associated with anxiety. I have been getting easily overwhelmed when trying to talk about issues in my relationship...
  16. turmoiled

    Silva Life System

    Having been advised to try out some Mindfulness meditation by another member earlier (thanks btw), I came across a few different methods of meditating etc. I also sort of stumbked upon a method of deep thikning called the Silva Life System which was founded by the late Jose Silva and is now run...