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self harm

  1. J

    feeling so down I cant eat

    I'm sorry if this post seems long or ranty, I just want to be able to put everything in words and maybe receive some advice. For the past few months, I have been having what feels like cycles of uncontrollable crying bouts, about every 4 days and they have been getting worse and worse as time...
  2. M

    Going to A&E tomorrow and scared 😟

    Been struggling recently and had an operation for self harm this week. MH services are terrible with me, they see the label and they automatically hate me and think anything I do is for ‘attention’. Tomorrow a crisis worker from a charity is taking me to A&E to see to my SH, nervous for the...
  3. N

    I don't feel what I should...

    If I'm not in pain, I feel nothing. I don't feel like myself if I'm not self harming because I like the scars. I see the scars and I'm me that way. I do good things for others, but it's only what I'm supposed to do. I have Christian beliefs, but I can't find it in myself to include other people...
  4. C

    i think my depression and isolation made me abusive and apathetic.

    so...a lot friends of have been cutting me off, i've been cutting a lot of people off. a lot ex friends of mine criticize me for being abusive. saying things like "you keep threatening suicide and blowing up my phone" "you're manipulative" "all i wanted to do was be your friend and you just...
  5. C

    If people keep ignoring me I’m gonna harm myself

    Everywhere I go, I feel alone and like no one cares about me. I’m so fucking sick of being neglected by everyone and it even happens if fucking websites like this. I've started self harming again. I’m fucked.
  6. C

    Update...Lots has happened

    Hiya, quite a bit has happened to me in the last two weeks or so. I'll start with last Sunday- Sally told me that I had to harm myself in a certain way. So on Monday I did so and ended up in hospital- got lots of blood tests etc. I was discharged on Tuesday after speaking with the mental health...
  7. A

    I haven't done this in ten years.

    So, hello everybody... I used to be a big big part of a self harm forum where i made a lot a lot of friends but it ended up closing. I don't remember the name of it but i chose the same username here as i did back then just in case anyone recognizes me. I hope not. (though i can't believe it's...
  8. tragicpink

    update - kicked out /tw self harm

    hey guys, long time no see. I haven't written in awhile and i figured this would be a good place to let my thoughts out. I was just kicked out of my house. I can't tell if it's because of my bpd and the way i act because of it OR if my parent's are actually the worst. Or something. Essentially...
  9. Sadkittygirl1928

    My psychologist thinks I'm bipolar

    I don't know how to cope. I have become physically violent, I don't respond well to medication it is what made me have my first ever manic episode and violent behaviors. when I came off meds everything seemed fine and then the other day I self-harmed and hit my boyfriend in rage. I also have OCD...
  10. T

    Self harm urges

    I was diagnosed bipolar II as an adolescent and have been attending therapy/psychiatry on and off since around age 7. I'm fairly easy to provoke based on my mental state (obviously?) But for some reason when Im provoked and just mentally exhausted from a long day I get violently overwhelming...
  11. I

    Misconceptions of Depression in Media

    Wrong, all wrong, The media has it wrong. It’s not romantic, it’s not poetic, And God forbid don’t say it’s quirky. It’s not tear-filled kisses. It’s not tight embraces under pretty bedsheets. It’s not rainy days, Or turned backs, Or hands clasped together in mutual understanding. No knight...
  12. whiteflags330

    Cold Turkey

    I had to go cold turkey from my meds because my doctor won't fill my scripts until I see psychiatrist and I've been having self harming and other bad thoughts. I have grounding techniques and usually too tired to do anything, but it's constantly on my mind since I stopped my meds and alcohol...
  13. F

    Calling the Crisis Team and what do they do?

    I went to the GP yesterday to talk about my anxiety medication. My previous medication gave me unwanted side effects of self harm and suicidal thoughts. We changed back to one I have been on in the past and although the number and urgency of the thoughts decreased, I did start to self harm in...
  14. Z

    My BPD ruins everything.

    Because I can not control my emotions I’ve lost jobs, relationships, even family members and friends are pulling away from me. I feel like I have no one and nothing. I just don’t know how to cope other than harming myself. It’s the only thing that helps but I want to stop. Any suggestions from...
  15. daffy

    Should I tell my CPN

    Hi there have not been on the forum for a long time as I’ve been stable for a number of years but have just kept on browsing. Sorry for the long post. However 18 months ago my lovely partner died from cancer. I was on quetiapine duloxitine and mitazipine and I felt nothing. My body was totally...
  16. C

    Feel lonely, abandoned, empty, etc...

    I have never been to a therapist so I don't know if my issues are because of more than just depression/anxiety but lately things have been getting worse and worse. I'm prescribed Prozac but it doesn't do much. My "best" friend (she's really the only person I talk to outside my boyfriend) has...
  17. F

    First Post - First time admitting self harm

    I am struggling with self harm. In retrospect, I think I have always self harmed, just in a milder, non traditional format. And I have done this because I don't like myself or I want to hurt myself in someway. Now I am 34, almost 35. I have progressed to a more traditional form of self harm...
  18. K

    Feel so lost

    It's been a while. But I've hit yet another brick wall. All I want to do is self-harm. I've already hurt my arms and legs. Really don't know what to do for the best anymore :(
  19. X

    What if you don't want to quit?

    I've spent a lot of time thinking about this and trying to talk it over with my therapist, but I feel like I'm getting nowhere. Everytime I bring up my self harm with my therapist she talks about "reasons not to" and everytime I can only come up with reasons that have to do with other people...
  20. midnightphoenix

    Are we safe to post on here?

    Is anyone going to harm us on this forum? :cry: