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self harm help

  1. N

    Self harm thoughts

    I am just over 5 months self harm free but I'm starting to really struggle at the moment with self harm thoughts and finding it hard to block the thoughts out. I use to ping a elastic band on my wrist but it's not working anymore more with the thoughts being so much more often. I don't know...
  2. honeymouse

    Advice/Can anyone relate?

    Hi all, I’m new here and I don’t want this to be graphic but I was wondering if anyone else had this experience after self-harming? I had a relapse a few days ago and long story short it looks to be fine, not infected and it doesn’t hurt but there is what appears to be a touch of blood under...
  3. H

    i think my sister is self harming for attention

    my sister is almost 18 and in adult ed. she drinks a lot and smokes weed a lot, and when she is told she cant drink she goes in the bathroom and SH's she doesn't even clean up her mess. she has used her SH to get concert tickets, a tattoo, and to get away with drinking. she has taken pictures...