self - harm

  1. T

    I can't do this anymore...someone please help

    I've been diagnosed with anxiety and panic disorder and have had CBT (which made no difference at all) and in the last month I have gotten so depressed and down. I'm scared to go to my GP again incase he says there is nothing wrong with me (about the depression) but I know what I'm feeling is...
  2. Foxjo

    Hollyoaks triggering me badly

    Wondered how many other people are being triggered by Lily's self harm story line on Hollyoaks. It is really making my urges unbearable. Just in need of some support right now. Hugs Fox
  3. S

    Is my friend harming herself?

    So I have this friend and whenever she's not feeling well she injures herself. Is this considerd self harm? And how can I help her?
  4. N

    Introducing me

    Hi I have social anxiety. I have had it for about 8 years, I still really struggle with asking questions and starting conversations during social situations.
  5. C

    Zero motivation

    I am at what people claim is the most crucial point in my life. I recently graduated highschool and I was preparing for various college entrances. However now I have zero motivation for anything. I had self harm issues a while back and now they have returned along with panic attacks. I cannot...
  6. E

    We are Ell (DID)

    Hi. My name is Mariel, but I'm many persons at the same time some of them are just kids, like Diplo who is 4 years old or Miriam who is 7 years old, other ones are aggressive adults like K2, he is the worst. Our body is 17 years old. We always have discussions in our head and we even have our...
  7. O

    Help, advice please? Clinical negligence?

    I got diagnosed with adult adhd in Dorset. This upset me cos then suddenly I saw my whole personality and being as just a bunch of symptoms that add up to a neurosis instead of a person, but after a few weeks I got past that and accepted ADHD as just part of me instead of the other way round...
  8. K

    Hi :) (I’m new)

    Hi, I don’t yet know what I hope to find from this page, but I have depression, suicidal thoughts and I self harm.. maybe I can find someone to talk to and someone I can help too :)
  9. V

    Alone for the rest of my life

    Hello, it is weird that I want to be alone for the rest of my life? I got split with two of my friends in May last year and I don't want to come back to them because they're toxic af and one of them still sends me snaps about how wonderful her life is. After that all stuff that happened in my...
  10. L

    Long term fluoxetine use and suicidal ideation

    Hi all I have been on fluoxetine a long time on and off. My dose was upped in November 2018 due to crippling anxiety and depression to the point where I was off work. I did feel it helped initially but recently I’ve been having horrible thoughts about self harm/suicide. I haven’t and don’t think...
  11. whiteflags330

    Cold Turkey

    I had to go cold turkey from my meds because my doctor won't fill my scripts until I see psychiatrist and I've been having self harming and other bad thoughts. I have grounding techniques and usually too tired to do anything, but it's constantly on my mind since I stopped my meds and alcohol...
  12. Midnight.Panda

    Feeling bad about needing constant reassurance

    I worry an excessive amount and no matter how much someone tries to cheer me up, I can’t stop worrying. The negative feelings are just overflowing so the only way I can let them out is to verbally express myself. I only have a few close friends, but they seem to get angry at me because I need...
  13. 6User_Name9

    Self harm frustration

    I self harm and I have for about a year. Recently, my life has become more stressful, which has caused me to hurt myself more. However, no matter what I do, I do not feel like it is enough. I was never really satisfied when I hurt myself, but it has become worse. My scars are healing and I...
  14. M

    I feel I have given up. Just waiting now.

    Hello. I hope that everyone is doing as best they can today. I have been diagnosed with BPD, and another condition that I don't want to say. For reasons I don't want to go into, I need to kill myself soon. I have known this for a long time, and I've already tried a couple of times. I have been...
  15. W

    will I ever see my CPN?

    So about 8 weeks ago I went to the first appointment with my CPN. her plan was to get me to volunteer because she said it would make my mental health better. Anyway im just wondering if I will ever see her again? My SH is getting worse and so is my anxiety and i dont know what to do. she said it...
  16. M

    Is BPD real?

    Hello. Hope you are well. I've been admitted to Psychiatric Hospital 3 times the past 2 years. The second hospital diagnosed me with BPD, but for some reason didn't tell me? It was only until I was admitted to the 3rd hospital did they tell me the diagnosis the previous hospital had given...
  17. M

    hello seeking trauma therapy but it is complicated (may trigger- self harm/abuse etc)

    hello seeking trauma therapy but it is complicated (may trigger- self harm/abuse etc) Ok. i am 35 and have been diagnosed with EUPD/Borderline PD for many years now. I have had DBT (Dialectical Behaviour Therapy) in the past, some years back. Recently, after a couple of very bad episodes...
  18. C

    Quetiapine low dose causing anger and self-harm?

    I've been taking quetiapine for around 3 weeks on a very low dose (50mg a night with 25mg in the morning), but since starting my energy levels have dropped off, i'm constantly hurting myself and getting very angry at the smallest things. I've only been diagnosed since November and am still...
  19. A

    Asking for advice

    Hi, just created an account :welcome: So I'm asking for advice about a girl I've been seeing, which I like and we're already close. She self-harms and she has a lot of scars on her forearms (like really a lot). I want to understand her and help her, of course I won't pressurize her. Here's what...
  20. H


    I'm Hybrid xD ( Rather keep my name private, got friends that may be signed up here) I'm 18, i guess ive been selfharming for like a few years now Diagnosed with ADHD, Hate myself so much, Literally hate myself, the way i look, and my personality as well My friend keeps telling me i have...