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  1. C

    sh or attention seeking?

    I feel really guilty because i have sh i felt i needed to do it but i worry now I'm just attention seeking my head makes me feel crazy and i do it as a realise i think but i just don't know anymore please help
  2. J

    Looking for yourself

    Ok so there's some pretty heavy arguing going on hear and since the verses thread has been closed I'm putting it here. To the evangelicals and fundamentalists if you want to find your Kingdom of God you won't find it through spouting Chapter and Verse, in blind faith and the persecution of...
  3. C

    just another Conversion Disorder patient that is down and out...

    Hi my name is Candy I was recently diagnosed with Conversion Disorder. I've been seeking any positive encouraging help from people who understand and know what I am experiencing. Most my family I think are to emotionally connected to me to know what to say and then the rest just plain don't...
  4. amathus

    Hi Everybody...

    I'm pleased to be here with you all; I have severe and enduring mental health problems which I have been battling with for quite a few years. I am seeking support and hope in return to be able to offer support to others. meteos:)
  5. Gail

    in my mind possible trigger

    voices in my head told cpn about wot they are telling me to doshe said if i went down that path i would be in trouble with the police, constant sucidal feelings thoughts plans in my head all of the time cant get rid of them this world would be better off without me i know that. seeking help...
  6. Gail

    wots to much to tell

    wots to much to tell people when you have blpd do others worry like i do that if they say to much about how they feel they will be accused of attention seeking Just need to know if others with this diagnosis feel that sometimes some people think you are attention seeking if you tell them when...
  7. Gail

    Ever been accused of attention seeking?

    has anyone else with blpd ever been accused of do things for attention I have have just had this from someone who i thought was a good friend. she accused me of this just after my recent stay in hospital and it really hurts. wot can i do to prove to her im not attention seeking please help me...
  8. R

    Seeking Help

    I think I just figured out that I have an avoidant personality disorder with a side of impulsiveness. I'm really not sure where to go from here short of going to an expensive doc. I'm just fed up with all of it.
  9. Q

    Another newbie

    Hi everyone. It would be rude to join any party without introducing myself so here I am. The reason I am here is to see how other people deal with their situations. I have been through one or two of my own and am now seeking to put what I know to helping others.
  10. shaky

    Attention Seeking

    Hi, Maybe I'm uttering a heresy here, but what is wrong with attention seeking? Why does it seem to be the only inexcusable sin? A couple of years ago I was in a wonderful relationship, but my girlfriend left me. Since then I have felt more and more alone, as if I didn't matter or exist...
  11. B

    Hi All - Seeking non professional help

    Hi All, I'm a 24 year old male living in the UK. I think i'm reasonably healthy and successfull. I've got a university degree and have a reasonable job in the career I want. Things are going well on the surface. However there are things I don't understand about myself, you could say demons or...
  12. nickh


    At yesterday's PMHG (see abbreviations :)) there was someone from Focusline promoting their service. Basically this is a 24 hour service (well it operates whenever the Trust's other lines are not open!) for anyone with an MH problem seeking support and guidance - it is not a helpline but will...