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  1. I

    Hello, new seeking help and support

    Hi folks, looking for some help and support, my adult son recently started showing signs of bipolar (or at least manic), it's all new to me and I don't know how to deal with it yet. Hoping to find some people who've gone through it all who can help, I'd really appreciate that. I'll post the...
  2. L

    After Brain Surgery, Seeking Support

    Hi. I am new here and mainly looking for help with coping with the huge differences in my life since I had brain surgery last year (almost a year, in Feb) I need therapy, but my insurance doesn't cover much. and it doesn't help that I don't drive and am limited in travel to see anyone regularly...
  3. S

    My boyfriend doesn't understand

    My boyfriend is physically disabled. I have severe anxiety and minor depression. He doesn't understand at all. Whenever I try to explain he says "It's easy to get over. I felt depressed once but I got over it, it was easy. Having a physical disability is 10 times worse because I didn't CHOOSE to...
  4. T

    Can NHS psychologists refuse to work with a patient

    Does anyone know if an NHS psychologist can refuse to work with a patient because they don't like some of the behaviours the individual is seeking therapy for? I know as a patient we don't get a choice but what about the other way round?
  5. B

    Long term bipolar sufferer - seeking answers

    I've never registered, or commented on any forums before! Have read so many though, and they have always been so helpfull. Thought I'd give it a shot, cant hurt! I have battled with depression and bipolar my entire adult life. Long story short, I was misdiagnosed with depression, and was...
  6. F


    Said I would introduce myself. I am 26 years old from Ireland. I have been diagnosed as having schizo affective disorder the past year but have had other diagnoses and have suffered with mental health for a long time (feels like forever :nod2:) I hear voices, suffer from paranoia and chronic...
  7. messymoo

    So tempting

    Haven't self harmed for a while have been managing not to although it has been hard at times. Ever since my first psychotherapy assessment on Wednesday when I said so much about myself and family I've been feeling like punishing myself for talking. The urge to do this is so strong and I feel so...
  8. F

    The curse of paranoid PD

    It must be one of the worst to have in terms of character evaluation. Descriptions are uniformly negative. In my usual ambivalent way i outwardly refute the diagnosis while inwardly taking on board the diagnosis. The latter has me agonising 'Am i really that unpleasant a person?' It makes me...
  9. mrlaurel

    am I ill or attention seeking?

    hello folks, I sorta wanna talk about this as it came up today with my therapist. I think I'm ill, in fact I think I'm very ill right now. But he has asked me to look at the whole issue, not just right now but for the last 30 years. I'm not sure how by posting here I am seeking attetnion as...
  10. L

    Seeking reassurance

    Is this type of problem appropriate for this site? I'm struggling with something. I'm getting myself into a state about a relationship situation, that I seek reassurance about. I get the reassurance, I'm OK, for a while, then it will be triggered again. I genuinely believe there is no real...
  11. B

    So called 'attention seeking'

    Why is everyone so nasty about self harm? Everytime someone talks about it I hear people say 'they're just attention seeking' and 'they're trying to be emo'. It's pathetic, I've been self Harming for about two years and I do it so no one can see because I'm humiliated. It honestly helps me, it...
  12. W

    newbie seeking advice

    Hey everyone I have recently been diagnosed with GAD and am suspected bipolar which I am seeing a counselor about next Wednesday I have only recently been diagnosed and so am not currently on any medication and my gp wants to do counseling to see what medication I should be put on. Tonight I...
  13. G

    where to start??

    Hi all, as it says on the tin, where to start?? I DON'T want to come across as having my own "pity party" but that is how I am made to feel, every time I try to talk to friends and family. I am not good at "talking", much better at writing/typing so thought this might help. I have been told I...
  14. E

    repeatedly reaching out, repeatedly let down

    For a man pushing 30 I appreciate how pathetic and juvenile this is. I'm also aware just how small this is compared to some other people's problems. But here goes anyway. I've always had a strained relationship with my dad. Since my teens I've never felt I could rely on him for anything other...
  15. ambiafillipina

    Greetings to All!

    New to forums and diagnosis! Trying to find resources to help me understand and cope with mental health! Also seeking friends :\ Happy to join the community.
  16. L

    Cognitive dissonance

    I'm schizophrenic, not a druggie. Theres a difference...but this is still a rant. Cognitive dissonance, the struggle between cognition's, or perhaps morals, or ideals, or beliefs, or desires. Is it similar to attachment? buddhism seeking non attachment, resolving cognitive dissonance through...
  17. Hayyyleyyy

    Any advice?

    I have been struggling massively with my bpd lately, having constant suicidal thoughts and ideas aswell as pointless self harm actions. I have been into A+E twice in 3 days, I was assessed by the crisis team yesterday, they said i was just attention seeking and if i wanted to die i wouldnt ask...
  18. amathus

    'I'll tell you what self injury isn't'.......

    'I'll tell you what self injury isn't - and professionals take note. It's not masochistic. It's not attention seeking....' What do you think about that statement in relation to your own self harm? Self harm for me, represents a way of getting some relief from the absolute anguish I feel at...
  19. aleshadxcherylc

    dont know what to feel anymore

    Dont know what to feel,see or do anymore best thing for me is death nothing works need to go thanks for having me im an attention seeking bitch i really dont know what to feel or do anymore im lost and numb :low::BLAH::unsure::(:scared::cry::mad::sleep: :cry2:
  20. R

    why dont people just accept and believe what you are saying

    Just because someone doesnt understand what you are going through why cant they just believe what you say? Why do i always feel like people are looking at me like im attention seeking or lying or something!???? Answers on a postcard!!! Xx