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  1. L

    depression? not getting required help by medical community

    Hi I'm 25 years old and have suffered from 'depression' (or so I'm told) for the last six years or so. to the point it has dramatically effected functionality and massively restricted ability to get by in life. have tried everything asked of me by medical community to no avail, including...
  2. K

    Quetiapine and ? To lift your mood BP2

    I am BP2 and been quetiapine for about 2 years 300 at night as I was nearly falling asleep in work and I am a roofer which ain't too good. So started taking 300 at night. By the way am also on 350 lamotrigine 200 at night 150 in the morning. Was feeling really tired everyday still and after...
  3. megirl

    medication and over sedation

    I am on a large dose of quetiapine and diazepam for sleep. I snore so loudly that hubby cant sleep in the same room as me. I have been sleeping like this for a while now. I am finding I just dont have the feelings for him like sexually as its almost like we are living seperately. I havnt spoken...
  4. S

    Feedback on Seroquel

    Hi! This is my first post. I recently got diagnosed as Bipolar I and the doctor put me on Seroquel with a target dose of 200mg. She is starting me on 50mg and is having me go up 50mg each week. I cut the pill in half and started at 25mg to avoid side effects. However, I slept all night and...
  5. Grape

    most days I want to hurt myself with overdose

    On my way home and im planning on either downing loads of coffee or starting on alcohol. Dont know how to avoid that. I want to put on sad music and get out what I need to overdose or physically hurt myself. Not physically hurt self for four years. Still think about it. Trying to think of my...
  6. fazza

    Haldol Depot Sedation is killing me

    I have recently been put on a haloperidol depot and it really is knocking me out. It was only a 50mg test dose but I think it could be interacting with the remaining Risperdal consta depot that may be left in my system. I would like to know if the sedation wears off after a while or am I going...
  7. A

    Is There Any Schizophrenia Med Like This That Will Arrive?

    Hi. My main complaint about schizophrenia drugs is the sedation and sleep. Here in Europe they allow a drug called "Serdolect" and it creates no sleep or sedation. The main reason is that it blocks the dopamine in the limbic system only not whole brain and no H1 Affinity. But it prolongs the QT...
  8. C

    Seroquel vs Sodium valproate

    Is valproate as bad as seroquel for sedation and weight gain?
  9. lpattie

    Dealing with sedation

    My lithium has been increased back to 800mg and I have been given 10mg of diazepam for night time. I couldn't get up for college today and decided to go out for a walk after I woke up. I felt so sedated and was nearly hit by a car even though I was sure the road was clear. How do I deal with...
  10. wendolene26

    MRI scan queries....

    I've to get an EEG and an MRI (with sedation) in a few weeks time. I phoned the consultant's secretary today to ask a few questions and try and get some more details as to what is likely to happen during the course of this appointment as I am very nervous about the whole thing and hospitals in...