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  1. K

    Just Prescribed Propranol

    Hi, Just been to my GP and I mentioned that the Diazepam didn't seem to do anything when I started feeling anxiety creeping up, although saying that I always come down before the anxiety really takes hold it just seems to take ages, not sure that make sense but I don't feel like I'm being...
  2. cpuusage

    The Sedated Society

    CEP members publish new book: ‘The Sedated Society’ CEP members publish new book: 'The Sedated Society' - "CEP is pleased to announce the publication of a new book called ‘The Sedated Society: The Causes and Harms of our Psychiatric Prescribing Epidemic’ (Palgrave Macmillan 2017). Edited by...
  3. P

    Sleeping in in mornings due to seroquel ( quitiapine)

    Hi, does anyone else get done for sleeping in in the mornings due to seroquel. I have been on it ten years and still sleep in really bad from it. I feel really sedated and sleep through my alarms. Anyone else got this problem?
  4. morgana7x

    Postpartum depression

    I'm a new mom (my baby is 12 days old), and I'm suffering from postpartum depression. It all started a couple days after birth when I was breastfeeding and scared that I'd never sleep. This insomnia fueled my depression, and I went to the Er twice before figuring out what was wrong. I'm...
  5. K

    Help with quetiapine add on for my low mood thanks

    I am on 350mg lamotrigine and 100mg quetiapine was to sedated all the time on 300mg so dropped to 100mg and I am bp2. My mood is really low what do i add on thanks
  6. fazza

    Stopping meds Too sedated to function

    I am thinking of coming off my meds. I currently take 20mg of olanzapine and 300mg haloperidol depot per month. I still here voices and have a constant running commentary with these drugs and I cant go on clozapine because my white count is too low. I dont see the point of taking these drugs...
  7. C

    Private PD home?

    Hi i was wondering if anyone knew of a private unit or home. A family member has PD and has been in and out of a NHS home. I don't like the way my family member is always sedated and wondered if there were any private run homes instead. Looking for kent area really.
  8. Reach

    Numb, sedated and fragile

    Feeling like this today, sedated from prn's last night, numb and low, lower than i've been in a while, struggling through the day and not sure how im going to do this week. I've got the usual plans for Monday with the GP first thing hopefully too. I think i'm just worried about seeing the GP...
  9. lpattie

    Dealing with sedation

    My lithium has been increased back to 800mg and I have been given 10mg of diazepam for night time. I couldn't get up for college today and decided to go out for a walk after I woke up. I felt so sedated and was nearly hit by a car even though I was sure the road was clear. How do I deal with...
  10. loulabelle

    irritable and kinda sedated

    Im sooo irritable today... 2 Of the girls come into work and straight away started moaning... It really pissed me off u just wanted to shout SHUT THE FUCK UP but didnt... Im felling really sedated today my head is sooo foggy it wud be nice if i waant working cos the sedated feeling is making it...
  11. M

    Quetiapine questions

    Hello All, this is for people that are on quetiapine. I am on 300mg of quetiapine, I have been since Oct 2010 and it still makes me put on loads of weight, and still makes me sedated. I take 300 slow release tablets at night and after about 2.5 - 3 hours I am knocked out. Does anyone else...
  12. BillFish

    Beyond a joke now

    Beyond a joke now Seriously I'm finding the sedating effects of my meds beyond a joke now. I'm usually light hearted about most things but at the moment I'm less energetic than a bear just waking up from hibernation. I actually missed and appointment yesterday morning to tell the psych how...
  13. S

    Fantastical ideas............

    I acknowledge inclination to OCD. I need help with the analysis of 'things'.What I do not need is the absolute categorisation of me. Don't disbelieve the rating of so called 'oneness', it just doesn't ring true. If given the opportunity I would negate, but not for the benefit of the good, more...