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  1. W

    Just joined

    Hello my names Bill and I got diagnosed 10 years ago. I'm currently hearing voices constantly and taking a combination of Aripiprazole and Olanzapine. I've been sectioned once under a section 2 and currently live alone in Cornwall.
  2. C


    Hi everyone this is my first time on here so dont really know what to say i suffer firm BPD bumlic recoving anorexia i also hear voices i live in Eastboune in a care home for people with mental health problems been here over 2yrs now i really want to move on to my own flat soon i be sectioned...
  3. A

    I’m hospital

    So I’m back off leave in hospital, wondering how long there going to keep me for, there’s talks about me moving to a rehab has anyone been to a rehab? Am I right in thinking you can still be on section at a rehab?
  4. A

    So I am in a complete rut - I recognise that I need help

    Basically, I have multiple things "wrong" with me, I am a fuck-up through and through and although I am currently coping - I am doing so through unhealthy means. I am essentially working too much to beat loneliness and thus causing myself to become quite unwell in the process of it. I have made...
  5. Hikikomori1979

    Eye Twitching

    Does anyone get these? Context I was applying for a job, i did not have a lot of success leading up to then, i collaborated with people and i got together a tight application, had an assessment day. the assessment day contained three parts: a written section, a team collaboration section and a...
  6. Funnyday

    Car insurance

    I'm sure that others have had this problem in the past. I am waiting on getting my driving license back from DVLA. So I rang them today nearly 4 weeks since I first contacted them. They said that they had only yesterday sent the letter off to my Doctor. However, I can still drive my car while I...
  7. P

    what happens if your sectioned

    hi what happens if your sectioned i have serious issues with being giving pills never been sectioned before but the way my life is right now its a matter of time i think. i would never wanna hurt any nurses but if i was forced medication i would really kick off and i have serious violent...
  8. L


    I've got a meeting with my psychiatrist on Wednesday. Basically, my mum started of saying that she wants to section me because she thinks I need 24h care and then she said she dosent think I need to be sectioned but perhaps if I could go voluntarily into hospital then that might be a good idea...
  9. K

    Psychotic Depression been sectioned

    Firstly hi again. My husband was diagnosed four years ago with psychotic depression. Last week he was sectioned again, he's down in Stevenage at some private hospital (we live in derby). He says the place is like a prison (yes he's done time). My question is is there any support out there for...
  10. Pinkcandy777

    hi am new x Devon uk

    is there also a section which discusses mental heath:) drugs please xhello am 53 female
  11. A

    Am I mad?

    I enjoy hurting people and being hurt I live alone and have crazy hallucinations and hear voices I am so anxious and paranoid cos I go out and cause trouble I never got over being bullied and the way they made me feel so now I want other people to suffer I am so angry I have hit all my family I...
  12. jojo94

    Currently sectioned

    I'm sectioned at the moment and away from home. I've been manhandled and restrained and jabbed and it's been awful. I'm still waiting on an advocate and despite being honest with the consultant about my overdoses and being suicidal he is talking about discharging me next week. I'm not getting...
  13. L

    Can someone help please

    I have Aspergers and am under the mental health team already. I don't tell them everything because last time I did they tried to section me, so now I am careful of what I tell them, I am hearing voices, sometimes inside and now outside. Always critical. When a room is quiet they scream and tell...
  14. C

    What does it take to get hospital treatment.

    I have Mixed Personality Disorder. I have been told by my AMHT that, because of this, they will NEVER section me or admit me to a Mental Hospital. No matter what I do. I actually want to be admitted to hospital (I know that might seem a little weird, but it is something I want and feel I need...
  15. R

    toping up friend whose sectioned mobile

    my friends in a home doesn't know whether he's sectioned, they're not telling him anything but refuse to let him out unaccompanied the psychiatrist said do you know why you are here, you were sectioned because you couldn't look after yourself in the community and transferred here he doesn't...
  16. F

    Report finds 'serious issues' with use of Mental Health Act

    Posted by Denis Campbell May 1 2018 Report finds 'serious issues' with use of Mental Health Act | Society | The Guardian I have only ever been sectioned for just a few days in the early 80s so can't really comment on this.
  17. embleton

    Useful information about sections through experience

    Section 2 is for 28 days and on your first admission, it’s unlikely to last longer than that period. Even though the section is only for observation (section 5, 72 hours only) and assessment, which is the actual section 2, they’re likely to encourage you to take medication and force feed it to...
  18. embleton

    How can one stop the police entering a premise without MH section 135?

    Had a section 136 on my paperwork when wasn't in a public place, is this quite normal for a private home section when social & psychiatric services don't turn up?
  19. confusedwanderwaffle

    Nervous about being re-detained after home leave because of suicidal thoughts

    Nervous about being re-detained after home leave because of suicidal thoughts Section 2’d nearly 3 weeks ago, allowed section-17 home leave since the last few days and suppose to return tomorrow for review but am anxious because truth is the suicidal thoughts/urges haven’t completely vanished...
  20. D

    Mental distress

    Hi guys,I'm new here.my head is all over the place,I'm losing control of myself.i was sectioned in January,and was admitted again in august.im trying to hold on,but my fingers are slipping