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  1. M

    Who is this other me?

    Hello, I've been diagnosed with BPD for quite some time now. I've attended DBT and I've seen a therapist for quite some time. I've developed my tools and have gotten to a point where my therapist suggested a 6 month break from therapy (3 months left). My meds have been stable for years now, as...
  2. H


    Hi all. Just looking for some advice. A few hours ago my partner started seeing things. He was very much not here and said it was a face with no eyes. The thing wanted his eyes and told him there are things he should nit see. He wrote this down on paper! He tried scratching near his eyes and put...
  3. sarahjameson2807


    When I was a little girl, I used to hear screaming or yelling in my head at randoms times whenever it was quiet. Recently this has started to happen again. Whenever I'm in a quiet room or doing something without some, I hear yelling in my head. Sometimes it because so bad I need to turn on some...
  4. T

    10 years self harm free broken

    Hi. I really don't know what to say at this point. It's been around 10 yrs since I beat my self harm. But for some reason I broke tonight. Overall I'm not even sad. Something has just taken over me and I just fazed out. My mind is screaming telling me not to write this. I'm trying to distract...
  5. K

    not sure if i should be worried or not? please help!

    so. i honestly don't know if this is even anything i should be worried about or not, or if my situation is just dumb and i'm over reacting. basically the deal is, i'll sometimes just sit at my computer or even do the dishes and suddenly every noise around me will get louder and i will start...
  6. H

    relationship with my supporter!!!

    i have some issues i need to fix and don't know where to start. but here goes!! my mother in law has been supporting my mental illness for years now. I have pushed her to her limit by being nasty to her (yelling screaming fighting). I truly appreciate her and he says actions speak louder than...
  7. Not_Crazy_Yet

    TRIGGER WARNING Violence in front of my apartment

    I was making dinner earlier and I heard a loud bang. I thought it was a car that back fired. Apparently it was a gun shot. I heard someone yelling outside so I looked out the window but I didn't see anyone. I guess what I heard was the victim screaming for help. I've been interviewed by the...
  8. C

    I'm screaming inside

    Lately I feel like I'm screaming at the top of my lungs but inside. On the outside, I sit silent, frozen in fear that I'll go insane and if I dare let it out.
  9. M


    I can feel it coming on again, first off it's ruminating and having flashbacks of my time in psychiatric wards when it went wrong then I start to get really really hot like I've got a fever. Emotions start going off like a firework: happy, sad, falling through the earth and out the other side...
  10. O

    Problems with a neighbour

    Hi there, I'm hoping someone here can help us as we have no idea what to do anymore. We bought a flat last spring, but we're the only ones in the building who own our place, the rest are renting. The guy who lives above us seemed a bit of a recluse but was pleasant enough whenever we saw him...
  11. Jasmine-love

    Just some weird things you think about

    Do you ever think that your feelings are not accurately portrayed by your outward appearance? Like I mean they don't match. I can look fine but be screaming inside, I can look depressed but be happy inside. Just curious. You can put your weird miscellaneous thoughts and questions here :)
  12. Linda1989

    Went back to the hospital after I having taken my meds in 2 months

    Sorry for bad grammar 2 weeks ago I wasnt doing good I thought god was mad at me for not spreading his gospel I havent went to church about 8 weeks the medication change my perception about god soon as I start getting off my meds I slowly started to go back to church.While I was with my family...
  13. Tired Daisy

    I just wanna say....

    I was born in London but I'm a country boy my soul thats inside of me screams out I can't help it because its who I am. I'm American even though I was born in London... not sure if that makes sense. I keep screaming out with my soul but nobody here in the UK knows me at all some reckon that they...
  14. O

    Hearing a voice? Not sure

    Hello, so I'm currently kinda concerned as rather intermittently recently I've been hearing a voice in my head, I think it might be my voice but it sounds like I'm screaming. Like proper primal screaming. I don't want to ignore it as it might be a legit problem. I mean it's not even that loud...
  15. P

    If i won the lottery.

    I'd end my life with the winnings. I need the money to buy off the clinicians though. Maybe i should start a go fund me account so i can escape this awful place. Think they would fund it? A gofundme suicide account? Enough money would kill me. Everyone else is talking about things they'd...
  16. Trinity11

    Hopeless hours

    They come randomly throughout the day. I am "only" mildly depressed according to my scale, but i may as well be unable to get up from bed because mentally, that is the only place i want to be. I'd love to add a picture here but don't know how. It is of a woman laying on her side, her arms...
  17. K

    I don't want to keep living if I'm never gonna get better

    I'm an 18 year old girl & I've been dealing with depression since I was 13. I became so sad & anxious. I couldn't (& still can't) focus in school. I just can't do anything anymore. I have no desire to do anything. I hate talking to people, I just want to be left alone. But then again I wish I...
  18. M

    Random, Un-explained Terror

    So, I've lived most of my life with a certain issue that I've never quite figured out. I assume it's somewhat common thought I have not been able to find a name for it online or anyone else with similar symptoms. Since I was very young, I've had periods when I would get what I've come to...
  19. W

    I'm new here and need advice about my daughter-in-law

    I'm desperate for some advice about what I should do about my son and his family. After my son lost his job, they decided to move closer to my wife and I from a home in a very busy suburb of a big city. They wanted to buy a house with 8-10 acres for the kids to grow up and enjoy. (Girl 9, girl...
  20. D


    I am trying to ask for help Help.Me. Please. I've tried to get professional help But I'm worse than before I cry not knowing why I'm crying In the middle of the street I am not one to cry even to myself I'm at my wits end No one seems to want to help me I think I push everyone away Even...