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  1. M

    how about we depressed people talk through skype and be friends ?

    no ? I thought as a loner with no friends in entire life that's the only way to have friends but maybe it's harder since nobody wants to if they are all loners. Not all mental people are though. My health ,skin, eyes, everything is a mess. I have no job experiences. Not much of skills to show...
  2. RC2210

    Husband Sectioned

    Today has been rough. I posted yesterday to say I had requested an MHA assessment for my husband and today things took a turn for the worse. His biggest fear is going back to hospital ... And now because of me that's exactly where he is. It all kicked off this morning.. And lots of...
  3. E

    Meltdown help.

    Been wanting to ask for a while but unsure how to... After sitting here for a while and leaving it and coming back and leaving it again, here it is. It may not make full sense so I apologise for that. I guess I want to know what happens with me is normal as such? And... not a diagnosis but if...
  4. Mister.B

    It's getting really bad.

    I can't tell if what I'm saying/doing is me or not anymore. I more than one person all the time lately. I keep having thoughts, acting on them, then regretting them. Sometimes afterwards I don't remember even doing/saying those things. I bet she would love to see me like this.... Did you...
  5. K

    Something happened tonight that is bring back bad memories for me

    I was trying to find this center that recycles old electronics because my dad had this old household thermostat that needed to be discarded. So I made this wrong turn on this hilly road and since it was icy, it was hard to turn around. I basically got stuck trying to turn in this field and...
  6. S

    Excluded from school

    Watching this program on BBC3 about children excluded from school and this place called the Bridge is the only place that will take them. The attitude and behaviour of the staff is disrespectul and demeaning. They speak to the children like shit. What's worse is their physical behaviour -...
  7. A

    don't know ..

    My son's aunts dad passed away. I can understand why she's upset. I have things to do and she shouldn't blame me . I feel like she's calling me a bad mom . She screamed at Mr . I have my own problems and yelling at me doesn't help them . I am so alone and being blamed for everything .
  8. D

    Nothing matters.

    This is to much. I can't handle it anymore. I've screamed and screamed and nothing has become of it. Everything that has mattered to me I have always f**ked up. This is to much. My head hurts every where hurts. I found myself just going in to a daze not thinking but thinking everything. Then...
  9. suicideangel

    please help

    hey guys.. please help .. i cant do this anymore.. its all my fault.. made her mad again.. nothing is good enough.. it makes me want to die evn more.. so i hurt again.. and ill lie that its all okay.. but its not.. so broken.. i wanna just die.. it hurts so much and now im in pain from...
  10. S

    I feel pathetic

    As im writing this im embarrassed, ashamed and I hate myself. I didnt think I had a problem but I just don't know, I have a really really short temper and go crazy over tiny things, a minute ago I was skipping to exercise to lose some fat I HATE my body, I couldn't do it so I just starting...
  11. prairiechick

    Night Terrors

    I get this sometimes, where I am not really asleep yet, and then I feel like I can't move my body. If I could only do something as simple as lift my finger everything would be alright. So I went to bed about 2 hours ago, and I had something like this, only worse. I dreamed that if only I...