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  1. C

    City of Edinburgh

    Edinburgh Crisis Skylight 0131 209 7700 [email protected] Crisis Skylight Edinburgh works with single people who are homeless and vulnerably housed. We offer structured 12-week courses, taster sessions and one-to-one support to help people learn, develop skills and improve their...
  2. C

    Scottish Borders

    Scottish Borders New Horizons Borders Unit 10b Galabank Business Park Wilderhaugh Galashiels Selkirkshire TD1 1PR 01896 755510 [email protected] "We empower each other through self-help, mutual support and, at the same time, raise public awareness by challenging public and professional...
  3. S

    Tell a joke to help other relax and laugh

    :mrgreen: An English irish and Scottish are stuck on a island for three days with nothing to eat or drink when a fairy pop up and granted a wish so the English guy says I want to go home to see my family and kids his wish way granted the the Scottish guy says I want to be at home with my whisky...
  4. M

    First time on site.

    Hello all, came across mhf a few days ago and decided to take the plunge. I'm a 40 year old scottish male and have had depression,anxiety and p.t.s.d. For the last 8 years. (unlike most scottish males i can talk about my feelings). Have become very isolated,lost four of my best friends and...
  5. D


    I've been reading a few posts, learning about others, I have n't been able to work for some time due to severe depression, when I was working I experienced terrible bullying @ work; I was a nut job, etc, people shunned me rather than supporting me so I quit! That's why I'm so angry @ the...
  6. jax

    N.Ireland forum?

    I thought that this was the N.Ireland forum - but there are a lot of Scottish folks about lol. Maybe we are sharing ? lol
  7. D

    Any Scottish users interested in this?

    I just found this on the BBC health boards http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/mbhealth/F2671774?thread=5204391
  8. L

    Scottish Recovery Network

    Scottish Recovery Network They have just completed a long two year piece of reseach into recovery. The results are here if anyone is interested - it makes very good reading. http://www.scottishrecovery.net/content/default.asp?page=s5_4 It contradicts what our trust is saying and disproves a...