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  1. J

    hi im new

    Hi new to forum,found as i am looking for help for phobia thats getting worse, had this as long as i can remember, i have fear of falling on ice and snow i just freeze (sorry this is not meant to be a joke) when its icy ir snowing outside, black ice is my biggest fear as have no control at all...
  2. RainbowHeartz

    i live here

    yup.... wish i was in scotland
  3. Wiseowl

    Christmas Benefit Payments

    Hi here are the dates for benefit payments that are on public holidays. Taken from https://www.gov.uk/how-to-have-your-benefits-paid If your benefit is due on 24, 25, 26 December 2014 you will be paid on the 24th December 2014. If your benefit is due on 1 January 2015 you will be paid on...
  4. Run Like Hell


    Hi I live in England and I speak to someone in Tayside on Skype. He's told me that he's been told that he should not go to A&E in the event of feeling suicidal, which is something I do in England, and have been encouraged to do by the mental health people in A&E. At these times I've just needed...
  5. DonnaHamilton

    Hello everyone :)

    My name is Donna, I'm 22, from Scotland. I have BPD & GAD
  6. C

    Disabled and way too fking ugly.

    I'm stick thin, my head is a weird shape, my nose is bent to the right, my cheek bones stick out... and I'm in constant fear whenever I go out because Scotland is a dangerous place to live for someone like me, especially near my area... Harassment if you're a disabled person - Shelter...
  7. S

    **** New Support Group for Males With Eating Disorder in Scotland ****

    Hi folks, there was a story in the newspapers yesterday about a young guy who was overweight and bullied mercilessly. He eventually found his way on to Pro-Ana websites and was mocked, harassed and ridiculed for not losing enough weight where his bones were showing. It took the young guy years...
  8. J

    help for my husband

    I am in the US and married to a UK citizen from Scotland. Last week he attempted suicide after having been depressed for quite a while. At that point I told him he had to go back to Scotland for help as I was not able to deal with him. He is back in Scotland and told me he saw a GP on July...
  9. A


    hi am Asphyxia am 36 from Scotland with a few mental health problems including depression and schizophrenia :hidesbehindsofa:
  10. lpattie

    Mental Health Campaign

    Hi all, wasn't sure where to put this so put it here. I currently have a campaign running to improve services for the mentally ill and to stop the stigma of mental ill health. I have managed to secure a petition to the scottish parliament and would be so grateful if people could sign it...
  11. wendolene26

    CBT help for those in Scotland....

    I've just found this link via the "where to get help" section of the SAMH (Scottish Association for Mental Health) website. As they don't offer the face to face sessions in the Aberdeen area I will give them a ring this afternoon and see what they say. (face to face service is only available...
  12. Selene


    Hi am Selene Am 35 from Scotland and i have depression and other mental health issues
  13. wendolene26

    Getting wound up

    I do suffer with depression and anxiety and everything else that goes along with that. This most recent episode has been ongoing for some months now. However, more recently I've noticed that my anxiety seems to heighten when I do certain things, the one being the most bizarre/annoying of them...
  14. EllieBelly86

    Dont know what to do?? ADVICE PLZ.

    Hey guys its me again lol, :blush: Right here goes my husband is due to go away on a long intense 6 months course after only finishing a 12 month one this month, During this course i ended up in hospital sectioned as i went totally manic. It was the worst time of my life and i feel he was to...
  15. ally41

    ESA Documentary - MUST SEE! - Link enc.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KfJYzVUmvic Part 1 of very interesting BBC scotland doc about esa. Note: Part 2 is marked part 3 and vice versa.
  16. delatext

    Managing your own support

    Has anyone took this option to manage their own support, you need to do this through a care manager ( social services ) it enables you to decide and manage your support ( in scotland no sure about rest of uk ) :unsure::unsure:
  17. D

    Arrested, but refused access to medical help

    Hi, this is my first post on this site. Just wanted some advice on a recent experience. I've suffered from depression for the past 2 years, usually mild, but on two occasions it has deteriorated severely following bad personal problems. A month ago I was visiting friends in Scotland, when I...
  18. B

    ESA programme 10pm BBC 1 Wed 26th May

    TV programme tonight, Wednesday 26th May. Who's Cheating Who?, which questions whether employment and support allowance is fit for purpose and whether profits are being put before welfare, is on at 10.45pm on BBC1 Scotland. (Even if you don’t live in Scotland, you should be able to watch if you...
  19. U

    Hi from Scotland

    Hi all. Just joined the site. 23 yo guy from Scotland here. Been suffering with severe depression for a few years now, so thought this site may be a good idea...
  20. P

    Hi :)

    Hi, I'm Prawny :D I'm 22 and stay in Scotland. Being new I thought I'd leave a little note here to say hello to everyone *waves*