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  1. S

    North Lanarkshire

    Hey im new, we have many scots in here?
  2. M

    Workplace Bullying not acceptable !

    A whistleblower who complained of a racist and misogynistic culture in a Scottish Government agency claims she was taped to a chair and gagged by two male colleagues. DeeAnn Fitzpatrick said the restraint took place during years of bullying and harassment at Marine Scotland's Scrabster office...
  3. P

    hi from SCOTLAND

    Hi im from scotland. joined here a few years back after some issues. looking to chat to anyone especially if from UK / Scotland. say hi :)
  4. D

    Hi everyone

    Hi is there anyone from Edinburgh? or Scotland :wine:
  5. Funnyday

    My tour of the UK fuelled by schizophrenia

    I went loopy loo back in March. The voices I heard became very loud and were saying menacing things to me. They were trying to get me to commit suicide. I had left my home in blind panic driving from beach to beach looking for somewhere to drown myself. Luckily none of the beaches I went to was...
  6. C

    Alternative services in Scotland?

    Afternoon all, I am a new member and have already learnt so much from my reading on the forum. I am so glad to find a place for mental health discussion. I've been struggling with my mental health over the past ten years - this last year was particularly difficult and I am now beginning to...
  7. M

    Anybody out there?

    Hello everyone! I'm new here and was looking to connect with people that are also from Scotland it seems to have been a while since a thread was started here so thought I'd start one. I'm from the highlands, what about you? :loveshower:

    Two-thirds of children worried ‘all the time’, survey says

    Almost two-thirds (63%) of 10 and 11-year-olds says they worry ‘all the time’ about at least one thing to do with their school life, home life or themselves, a survey has found. Children’s charity Place2Be surveyed 705 Year 6 pupils (Primary 7 in Scotland) in England, Scotland and Wales and...
  9. G

    Mental health TV over the festive period

    (There won't be a list next week so here it is for 2 weeks) Daily 9am, Frasier, Channel 4. The psychiatrist abandons his bar-propping in Boston (a heavily Irish descendant city in the north eastern USA) in favour of presenting a radio show in Seattle (a more Hippie influenced city in the...
  10. C

    Hello all!

    Hi, I'm Chesh, new to the forum, hoping to be able to chat with folk here about MH things. I've had a few ups and downs with mental health in the past and I'm trying to keep my head above water at the moment. I also have some experience of supporting people through difficult mental health...
  11. L


    Hi people my name is lee, I live in Scotland...was with my partner for 20 yrs...married for ten! Recently split up...I am 41, been suffering from mental health issues since I was a teenager, first Tim on forums and sites...might take me a while to open up...something I dont do often. I have...
  12. pepecat

    Branching out - forest walks and outdoor activities in Scotland

    Branching Out - Forestry Commission Scotland 'Branching Out is an innovative development for adults who use mental health services in Scotland. For each client, the service consists of around three hours of activities per week in a woodland setting, over 12 weeks. Activities are adapted to...
  13. M

    Hi from Scotland

    Hi... uhhhh, lord knows what I type in here. :) I'm from Scotland, recently returned from Spain where I worked in Palma (hence the username; no I'm not Spanish, unfortunately) from March to September 2015. Feeling not too good at the moment. Returning to this crappy (can I say crappy?) weather...
  14. S

    New Recruit

    Hi Everyone, I'm a tired Professional guy from Scotland currently living in Aberdeen, but not originally from there. (My username is a clue to my origins). Found this site by accident online, and I'm glad I did. Nice to meet you all.
  15. T

    Hi Chameleon here. Been quite a while.

    I'll update you on what's been happening. Well I'm still denied access to healthcare and other government services such as social services, and the authorities up here in Scotland are still electronically trolling me. The good news, though... I still get my disability benefits. The DWP didn't...
  16. Anime-Alchemy

    Doing something for charity

    Wasn't exactly sure where to start this thread. So, as I start and maintain my recovery starting today, I want to do something for charity. I would do something for mental health. I want to cycle across England and Scotland for charity. It doesn't matter how long it takes me but this would be...

    I think I have a spirit guide.

    He is male, down to earth, and sometimes tells me what to think. And most of the time I agree with him, and do what he says. Something about his tone, that makes me trust him - as if he is a long lost brother say from ancient Scotland or Rome. He is the reason I eat meat, was smoking (now...
  18. C


    Stirling Bipolar Scotland Self Help Group Allan Park Hotel Allan Park Stirling FK8 2QG Meet 2nd Wednesday of the month 7pm – 9pm Our Self-Help groups are open to anyone who has been affected by bipolar disorder. You don’t need to be referred, just come along. Group meetings give you an...
  19. H

    ESA WRAG does it even exist?

    Hi, this is my first post here, found this place by googling and googling :) I have schizophrenia. I was getting DLA and Incap for about 6 years. Then in 2012 I was changed over to ESA conrtibutions based. The letter stated I was being placed in a WRAGroup and if I didnt attend my benefits...
  20. J

    Glasgow CMHTs

    Hi I'd like to know what CMHTs are like in Glasgow as I may be moving there soon. Thankyou :) Jade