1. P

    ESA Tribunal

    Hey guys I'm new here, I've been suffering with migraines for the past 2 years now which has led me into depression as my social and work etc pretty much had to stop because they've taken over my life. I've been on ESA for over a year and I had my medical assessment which I scored 0 points on...
  2. I

    Schizoid personality test ;)

    Schizoid Personality Disorder Test | Psymed Let me know how you go! I scored 32 for the record :) xx
  3. M


    Hello everyone. Just out of interest, have any UK residents on here had their incapacity benefit taken away from them after their government health assessment? Apparently, I needed a score of 15 points or more to continue to get my benefit and I scored ZERO due to the fact that I have the use...
  4. Pixie37

    Had a really difficult session with my nurse this afternoon

    I could really use some support just now i feel awful. My head is blown away. Since my support worker brought me home i've had a strong urge to sh, feel like i'm going to explode and wanting to drink. I've got my safety plan out and got my relaxation music on. I had to do a cognitive schema...
  5. I

    Online Therapy

    I found this site offering online therapy. I wondered if anyone here had ever done anything like this. It seems like possibly a good idea. I took their BPD test and scored 80/100% , or if you prefer 8/10. Lets see what you all get ...