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  1. S

    What does this mean about me to you?

    Right, so I would really like some insight from others about this. I have noticed that I connect and relate really well with people who have schizophrenia, I've been talking to a few people lately who have it, but I don't have it. I can't relate with everything but my experience is similar...
  2. S

    Started psychotherapy for schizotypal disorder

    Been struggling with schizotypal disorder (schizotypal personality disorder my official diagnosis) and finally started therapy with my psychologist.its to help me rationalizing paranoid and odd thoughts and managing my anxiety and stress levels as this makes me prone to psychosis.the therapy is...
  3. K

    Schizotypal or not?

    Hi everyone! It's 3am here, and my mind is full of thoughts, and it usually is. So now im gonna try and share here, and see if any of your answers can settle my thoughts for tonight. 2 months ago a Chief Physician at the psychiatry i go to, said that she strongly believe i suffer from...
  4. S

    Hi everyone have a diagnosis of schizotypal pd

    Hi im 30yrs old and was labelled by my psychiatrist with schizotypal personality disorder 3 years ago but have struggled with the condition since i was about 19 but a family intervention got me medical help and hospitalised were i was properly assessed for a month and officially...
  5. H

    Could I have BPD or traits?

    I read some threads in the forum for BPD, and there is things that I feel applies to me. I am diagnosed with schizotypal, but psychiatry is not accurate science... and there could be co morbidity, or that I have some traits? The first thing is that I can't be inactive / resting without...
  6. F

    ASD & schizotypal- overlap and differences?

    At my last meeting with the Nurse practitioner at my old address she mentioned autism in relation to things I told her and gave me a sheet about a local autism charity. However she also said that things might be explained by schizotypal. I am wondering what people think about the overlap and...
  7. F

    Aspergers is a type of schizophrenia?

    According to this lady. I am not diagnosed with either Aspergers or schizotypal but could be said to, at least, have traits of both . I know several people on another forum that have both diagnoses of ASD and schizophrenia . When I mentioned Aspergers to my nurse practitioner she offered...
  8. F

    Asperger's and schizotypal personality disorder

    Do you think they can co-exist ie it is possible to have both diagnoses? I have heard conflicting info about this. When I broached the subject of Aspergers with my nurse practitioner and described things she was quick to say schizotypal could also fit. Then she gave me a printout to an ASD...
  9. F

    ASD and schizotypal,similar or not?

    Had my 6 monthly review with my nurse practitioner. Really opened up for the first time re aspergers/autistic traits. She said there is not much available in the area but didn't dismiss me out of hand as she gave me a print out to an Aspergers site. What she did say however was that several...
  10. F

    "Doesn't Get Along With Human Beings Disorder"

    I think I might have this - doesn't get along with humans disorder. O o. Perhaps, I've lived in la-la land too long. In other words, isolation has everlasting effects. Schizotypal PD might be the proper diagnosis. Lol. Schizotypal and paranoid personality disorder. Quite a combination, ay? Oh...
  11. M

    Schizotypal personality disorder?

    I am trying to figure out if I have schizotypal personality disorder because that is the main thing my psychiatrist is thinking i have right now but i haven't been diagnosed yet but i have been prescribed a low dose of an anti-psychotic called risperidone. So I wanted to know if anyone can help...
  12. M

    Is schizotypal personality disorder related to schizophrenia?

    If so, in what ways are they related?For example is there a higher chance of someone developing schizotypal pd if they have first-degree relatives with schizophrenia?Thanks in advance.
  13. F

    schizotypal Diagnosis.

    Got diagnosed as schizotypal....with some affective features...my psychologist wasn't sure yet. Anyone else out there? What the fuck does it even mean? And does there even exist someone who doesnt slightly fit into it? Not sure if I understand it correctly, yet.
  14. cateyes

    schizophrenia/schizoaffective disorder and schizotypal personality

    is it possible to have schizophrenia/schizoaffective disorder and have an underlying schizotypal personality disorder? i was reading up on schizotypal personality disorder on another forum and was stunned to find i met all of the criteria... i don't see my pdoc for another month and i'm jumping...
  15. E


    I don't get it, everytime i take a personality test the results say that i'm 90% schizotypal...SCHIZOTYPAL?? i've never even heard of it!!!!!