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  1. J

    What is Schizoid Personality Disorder and do you have it?

    I have been through a few phases of being interested in personality disorders and going through hours of researching about them. The one that stands out to me the most is Schizoid Personality Disorder or SPD for short, I personally have a particular interest towards SPD. First, I want to say...
  2. T

    does anyone know difference between those medical diagnosis?

    between Personality disorder and adjustment reaction+predominant disturbance related to schizoid personality.... and which one is worse/harder?
  3. D

    Hi - Schizoid topic

    Hi, im 25 from Argentina. Self diagnosed Schizoid since always. I studied psychology (for myself and i started university, 2 times, but i quitted). Im here trying to find other Schizoid people to chat. If any wants to message me.
  4. K

    Treatment Success

    A loved one has recently been diagnosed with Schizoid Persoanlity Disorder. He's not the happy loner that many Schizoid people portray themselves as. He's depressed and is open to treatment, which we're in the process of organising. I just feel flattened when I look online and the prognosis...
  5. Q

    Guys you're OK

    In my opinion there is no such thing as schizoid personality disorder, etc. I believe that everything can be quantified if you want it to be. Trust your instincts. Yeah it can be fun to say "I'm schizoid. This is who I am and this is my personality" but don't let yourself be quantified and...
  6. confusedwanderwaffle

    dying miserable

    [I don't know if i am bi-polar but feel I am so anyway hence the chosen sub-forum] I want this to stop. But a thousand thoughts/obsessive-thoughts/paranoias race through my mind everyday and so by the time ive written this sentence, I will have forgotten most of those things; the passing...
  7. Kurtcobain93_RIP

    Schizoid question

    If a personality disorder needs to cause distress to be a disorder, and schizoids dont mind being asocial, then why is it considered a disorder and not just a state of mind?
  8. Z

    Schizoid with soften feelings?

    Hello everybody! I'm a 20 year-old girl and I've come to believe I'm schizoid since I heard of the disorder and read some books about it. I feel mostly related to the symptons, but I want to know more about how other people experience it and about some behavours that doesn't fit into the manual...
  9. Karynna

    I really need help leaving my abusive parents, finding a job and healing

    I really need help leaving my abusive parents, finding a job and healing Hi! I fell really embarrassed for writting this but I do really need help. I'm already 23; both me and my sister are feeling trapped. My mother seems to display the classic characteristics of a NPD. I grow up being abused...
  10. D

    what did she say.

    So I was having some very big issues. . Hearing voices, of people them thinking enduring is wrong, it went from thinking I could hear things when I can't hear anything. I've been thinking delusional things, I don't believe in any of it. I know I'm just talking to myself, I hear the voices...
  11. D

    lunatic . psycho. everything wrong.

    So my mind is demented.. I'm hearing these voices, say stop thinking about me, that I understand, I don't even know what they're saying. I'm a lunatic and I know, it goes from me thinking about it all day when I fall off its hard to go back to not thinking about it. I looked into Astral...
  12. D

    I know this is not real

    I'm talking to myself, I know that I'm thinking about things I shouldn't be, but I hear all these things that aren't real... I think accepting them, saying maybe it is bc psychics are messing with my mind would just make things worse. . I have this delusion that they never rest, but just as...
  13. D

    schizoid Tuesday

    Ok so experiencing a schizoid morning. . I started hearing multiple voices then started hearing voices then it went from that to me researching psychic mental attacks and psychic mind invasion, I've had this whole issue for over three years. I know I shouldn't be reading things to validate...
  14. D

    schizo day

    So I'm having an off day with schizophrenia, I thought if I smoked weed everything would be different but it's not and I know I made a dumb choice in thinking this time would be different. I'm hearing voices say she has no idea, I'm hearing laughter and I can't sleep... I'm also hearing...
  15. G

    Wow! Where do I go next?

    Greetings! For a person who is overwhelmed in choosing which shampoo to buy, I find myself completely non-plussed about where to post. As my profile says, I've been diagnosed with an alphabet soup of disorders: PTSD, GAD, HSP, AvPD, "secret" SPD, even schizotypal. Anxiety, depression...
  16. V

    Not sure what I've got going on in my head, could use some help pointing me in the right direction.

    Not sure what I've got going on in my head, could use some help pointing me in the right direction. Hey everyone, I'm new here. I'm a 23 year old male and I've struggled all my life with various mental issues; depression, severe social anxiety, just constant stress resulting from the worrying...
  17. T

    Avoidant and schizoid?

    Hello, i just have a question. Can one have both avoidant personality disorder and schizoid personality disorder? Or are they mutually exclusive? The reason for the wuestion is that i have a main diagnosis of avoidant personality disorder, but it also says that i have a "sub/bi diagnosis of...
  18. L

    Delusions, auditory hallucinations, paranoia, but no negative symptoms.

    Delusions, auditory hallucinations, paranoia, but no negative symptoms. My ears feel like their going to bleed. It's been about a year now. I feel like an embarrassment. I think my phone is tapped, that cameras always watching me. When I'm in another house I think they have cameras...
  19. L

    schizoid and hate, is this normal?

    Okay heres the thing i had been diagnosed with anxiey but i have always held alot back. Lately i was looking online to see if anyone felt the same way i did and i couldnt til a few weeks i stumbled upon schizoid personality and it was the closest to how i have been feeling. I do have all of what...
  20. J

    schizoid and antisocial pd

    hello everyone. i am 35 years old Asian female. I think I have schizoid and antisocial pd and bpd. i have googled and seen I have traits of all 3. I am emotionally flat and dont feel empathy or pain towards ppl. I also have a tendency to lie when I know I shouldnt. I also am extremely impulsive...