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  1. S

    I keep going to my former school's website

    I keep going to my former school's website and looking at the schedule of classes. I am really bored...
  2. S

    Is insomnia like this common

    I know tons of people have insomnia, but I never met someone who could relate to it being this bad who wasn't on drugs. Staying up for days in a row is very common for me. Sleeping at night is impossible. I just simply can't keep any kind of a schedule. When I'm not tired ill never sleep, but...
  3. P

    My acting aspirations are going down the toilet!

    Because I have anxiety issues involving large groups, I would have preferred going to acting gigs with i.e. a care worker, since I have an ailment that is like autism, although now they're not calling it that. None of my family or my one good friend are into acting, and my family are very...
  4. Konifera

    Seeking General Advice.

    Briefly: I've been greatly improving factors of my life, growing past the issues that stunt my relationships, I've come here seeking help on those issues and I feel I've resolved it. Thankfully I might have the insurance needed to see a professional within a few months. My current job is...
  5. S

    Is it my job or cycling?

    I am at my wit's end! I struggled with bipolar disorder for several years while I worked in education over 10 years ago. I finally quit the profession thinking that it was surely my job that made me so miserable. For 10 years I worked in my family's businesses in bookkeeping and, although not...
  6. P

    Admitting I am depressed

    Yeah, I finally realized it today, my depression is back, and it isn't good. I have had suicidal thoughts since Saturday night. They are not really severe, like I am going to listen, but they are still present nonetheless. I am hoping after my mental health evaluation I am to have tomorrow for...
  7. Gajolene

    Do you schedule your day?

    Thinking on these changes I want to make, new years resolutions and thinking I need a schedule to make sure I balance everything I want to include. So does anyone schedule their days as part of the recovery process and how so? Thinking main things, Self care/health care Exercise Meal...
  8. prairiechick

    Rant Warning: Really Pi$$ed Off

    So according to the exam schedule one of my exams is on a Saturday. Big deal. But it seems that my professor doesn't want the inconvenience of having an exam on the week end. So he asks the class if we can do it differently--one page of review questions that we do on our own, and then an open...
  9. P

    I don't know why I can not sleep.

    I don't know if I have put this in the correct area. I have been having trouble sleeping lately, like I'll be awake until after 4am I don't know what is causing this as it is rather recent and definitely NOT normal for me. I don't know if it is important enough to schedule an appointment...
  10. Gajolene

    Strategies for Coping With Trauma, self help tips,

    Emotional and Psychological Trauma: Symptoms, Treatment, and Recovery Emotional and psychological trauma recovery tips Recovering from emotional and psychological trauma takes time. Give yourself time to heal and to mourn the losses you’ve experienced. Don’t try to force the healing process...
  11. E

    A circadian rhythm

    I'm creating this thread, because I'm in serious doubt I'll ever be able to achieve (regain) this again. I haven't slept right, nor had a "normal" schedule in so long to even recall (most likely eirly 90s) I'm told this regulates everything in our bodies, both physical, and mental. Any thoughts?
  12. Kerome

    Reasons for halting drug withdrawal

    Today I saw a psychiatrist who said that the usual reaction to people getting off antipsychotics such as risperidone was increased energy and ability to do things, and that the fact that that was not happening and that I am seeing some periods of wandering attention was why he was advising me to...
  13. O

    New to forums & in need of help.

    Hey everyone. First off thanks for clicking on this, you are awesome. I have TMD from hitting my jaw on the steering wheel in a car accident I was in in 2011and have been battling it ever since. I also have been dealing with weird liver issues where I have insane abdominal pain to the point I...
  14. S

    What is your relaxation technique?

    Hello, I'm new here. I've had GAD for the past 13 years. I've done a lot of research on it and have really been trying to work on my relaxation techniques and thought process. I was wondering what everyone else does, maybe get some ideas. I have a full schedule as well as a 3year old so I'm...
  15. M

    had my initial assessment

    Went along today for what I thought would be a meeting with psychiatrist but it was actually an assessment to see if I needed it. Think it went quite well, she said they will take me on and she will try and schedule an urgent appointment. She said I was unwell (!) and had a manic mind:D:evil...