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  1. J

    Anyway to make self harm scars fade more?

    Hey all, so it's been almost 4 years since I have self harmed ( I'm 22) and as strange as this might sound I only really noticed and fully grasped the scars on my arms 5 months ago, I have tried using bio oil for the last 3 months but read that if scars are white that they won't fade anymore...
  2. K

    Painful scar

    I self harm quite regularly and I've never had a scar hurt before, I injured myself about 5 months ago, it had to be steri stripped and glued, it healed ok but the scar is really painful, I've done it since then and had to have stitches and those scars don't hurt at all. Does anyone else...
  3. Fairy Lucretia

    i have no choice-well that is how it feels

    so terrified am i of abandonment the self harming is increasing to dangerous levels i know i can't go into details but it is life threatening manager of MH centre said 'you know what you are doing' yes i do but that doesn't make the emotional pain any easier to avoid doing it so scared of...
  4. R


    I havent self harmed for a few months but i have so many scars and recently I came across this photo with a ton of wounds and part of me started craving it again, like some weird part of me felt it was beautiful and then it gets so hard to break out of that trance. Sometimes I just stare at all...
  5. Fairy Lucretia


    how d you feel about your scars? i think i might be unusual because i like having them it reminds me how much i hurt myself and how much i deserve to be in pain some clear up but others i have had for years and will never go for years i only had one method of self harm but now i have 8 the...
  6. C

    Covering up scars for swimming

    A while ago I had some trouble a with SF and am ok with most of my scars. However I have one that is very obviously done on purpose not an accident, so if someone Sees it while I was swimming I wouldn’t be able to defend my self. This is all perfectly fine except i still live with my parents and...
  7. Z

    Covering scars

    Hi, so I'm a cosplayer, many characters I want to cosplay wear short sleeves and I have pretty big selfharm scars, they're about 3 years old, I tried everything but they won't go away. They have almost no color but they're bumpy, makeup alone doesn't work, is there anything I can do to cover them?
  8. M

    How to hide scars on hands?

    So i have a fair amount of scars on both my hands from last night, i have no way of covering them up as i have never wore gloves before nor do i have any. + I am male so i have no way of getting makeup and i need to hide them from family and friends. Any tips? :unsure:
  9. M

    Hospital Care workers attitude to SH

    I was recently in Hospital with a bad asthma attack ,and the staff noiced my SH scars on my forearms ,I heard on nurse say you never see [moderated] marks on a proud vain ,always just skin ,the whole experience felt very negative to me ,some staff treated me ok some were acting differently some...
  10. A

    i just need to write it all out.

    hey previously i was almost 3 years free of harming, just recently i slipped and have stopped again resisting the urges been a daily task. the depression isn't really a problem for me as I'm use to it, but whats worrying me is I'm just getting into a new relationship, i know she has noticed my...
  11. E

    When is it acceptable to show scars?

    ​Hi, I have scars from less than a month ago on my lower arms which are pretty obvious and older scars on my shoulders. The scars on my lower arms go all the way down to the edge of my hand and are very hard to cover, even with completely long sleeved tops. I personally don't have a problem...
  12. J

    Waitressing with scars

    Hi, I'm new to this so I hope I'm doing this right and there's someone who can give me some advice, because I'd really appreciate it! :) A couple of months ago I started harming myself. I now have quite a few scars on my left underarm. I work at a coffee shop as a waitress and we have to wear...
  13. Yiliant

    I have scars on me I don't remember.

    For as long as I remember I had three scars on me that go from my collar bone to the top of my arm. I have no memory of them. Does anyone know how I can find out how they got there? Is that something that would be repressed? I am clueless on it.
  14. Kagetsu

    scars barred me from donating blood/plasma?

    I'm new to the forum and felt this would best fit in this topic. Admins please feel free to move if this is not the case. So I tried to make a plasma donation in order to make a little extra cash the other day. It was my first time donating, so they had me go through a pretty lengthy...
  15. K

    I cant get myself to do anything

    I have had anxiety and depression for many years. I was prescribed effexor, and while it was working for a while, with some adjustments up and down to the dose, ive never had a reliable therapist to help deal with the heart of the issue. My family doctor in town A referred me to one, but all...
  16. I

    Is it normal to be unapologetic?

    I used to self harm. I did it to take the pain out of my heart and onto the surface where it would go away. I didn't have an epiphany or anything; my husband threatened divorce unless I stopped. I didn't make the choice to stop on my own. The scars cover my left arm from shoulder to wrist...
  17. A

    No one seens to care about my life

    so, i'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but i feel like i need to get this out somewhere. A few days ago i noticed that a friend of mine had self harmed. a wondered if he realized i could see the scars and then if i should say something. i decided not to say anything because...
  18. x-chrissy-x

    Can't accept scars

    I hate the way I look so much I went on to self harm a lot and now the scars are bad I'm wanting to die rather than have people stare there on both arms and my thigh I'm dreading what to wear in summer I usually love summer
  19. A

    Itchy scars

    My sh scars are so itchy and the skin seems to shrink cos when I stretch out my arms the scars are stretching and it hurts more than the sh did!!! Am 51 so don't suppose age is helping skin wise. Any ideas anyone?
  20. B

    Covering scars

    Hi I hope this is ok What is the best way to cover scars now the warm weather is coming I was able to cover up with a jumper but it's getting to warm now and my son seen them for the first time the other day and keeps asking about them.