1. Sadkittygirl1928

    My psychologist thinks I'm bipolar

    I don't know how to cope. I have become physically violent, I don't respond well to medication it is what made me have my first ever manic episode and violent behaviors. when I came off meds everything seemed fine and then the other day I self-harmed and hit my boyfriend in rage. I also have OCD...
  2. J

    Suicide and Scared

    I feel like I want to commit suicide - it feels like no one around me knows and Is just getting on with life because I put on a brace face - I have money troubles, I had cancer last year, I now need to have another operation, my wife and I have very little money - and are not as close as we used...
  3. R

    Suffering with Thanatophobia

    For the reasons unknown to me, at just 21, I suffer from this terrible lonely battle, to feel so isolated and imprisoned by thoughts. I do not fear death itself or the process of dying but only the thought of no longer existing after death. My fear is that it will be like sleeping without...
  4. K

    not sure how to feel anymore (PLEASE HELP)

    I have been suffering from anxiety since I was about 11 or 12. This started when my parents split up. On and off throughout my life my anxiety has come back and then gone away. I am currently 24; I moved away from home at 20 and got married to the man of my dreams. for the first year everything...
  5. S

    Lonely, scared

    I'm lonely. I have no friends IRL and even online I feel people don't like me and don't want to chat with me. I have my parents still and I am lucky because they are good and love me, but they are old now and when they are gone, they will be gone. I'm also scared because I have a very dark...
  6. M

    Is it really anxiety symptoms?

    I had a pounding heart due to anxiety in 2016 and it went away a few months later after I managed to realise that it was anxiety. In 2017, I had a very stressful period in my life and got some strange sensations. For example, I started getting a pulsating sensation in my head and I used to feel...
  7. T

    I'm new here, and I'm scared

    I feel like mentally I'm not coping anymore, and I know I need to get help but I'm not really sure where I'm supposed to turn. I'm too scared to see my doctor or a doctor in general because I feel ridiculous. I'll go by the name Jane, I'm 25, I live in Australia. In July 2018, I split with my...
  8. T


    Hi, is anyone out there? :) I have just registered and this is my first post. Not sure if I'm doing this right. Feel a bit scared to be honest.
  9. E

    Scared of the Future

    I'm new here, I just made my acct to post about this. Bipolar 2, OCD, anxiety, ED. I'm really scared that I'll never find a job that I like. I wish I could've gone to college but I thought I'd die before I left HS, and then as I was in the last few months of HS, I figured I'd die by age 21 or so...
  10. M

    Thought i was fine, but i am not

    Hello i had a dark year after my mother died, i had a few months of feeling good i thought i was in the clear but i ended up self harming and now im back in a place i cant get out, i have not seen my friends in almost a year and i dont know what to do anymore, im too scared too seek help and im...
  11. A

    scared and alone

    I was abused by my brother and syestepdad. My exhusband was ababusive too. I have CPTSD. I've been I panic attacks. Awful flashbacks. It's really hard to share about these things. Sorry.
  12. Fairy Lucretia

    sometimes i am scared of posting x

    do you ever get scared of posting about yourself for fear you will get no replies? i am extremely sensitive to rejection and to get no replies would really hurt i know by and large i am lucky with the replies i get but im scared of posting about myself in case nobody responds ,i know people...
  13. L

    not sure what's wrong with me anymore

    warning: this might be a rambling mess because it's 1:37am and i don't really know what i'm talking about. i'm not sure what it is but recently been feeling a bit shit. just in general. i feel low and sad for genuinely no reason - usually when i'm alone dwelling on stupid thoughts like 'what...
  14. K

    Kath A

    Hi I am new to this forum.I am suffering awful Anxiety and I cant seem to control my thought worried about everything to do with my kids who are grown up.I go on Facebook and I always come off Anxious because I find something I dont like then I question people about it.I feel sick all...
  15. H

    Have you been told you are paranoid? When you know its all real?

    Hi All We have fought for the past three years to prove we are not paranoid. I *a woman" has had my entire emotional past exploited online, every job someone has mentioned something about my past and something about my partners. I felt as if internet searches and pages were repetitive and that...
  16. B

    New here

    Hi I'm new here. I'm looking for support. I'm currently on a waiting list to see a psychologist. I've been dealing with depression for a very long time and have recently been diagnosed with a personality disorder...I'm a little scared of that diagnosis.
  17. H

    I'm scared of living feeling this way

    i've been depressed for most of my teenage years, i'm 19 now and i've been feeling worse than ever for the last couple of months due to some internal issues, I do believe i'll resolve these issues with myself one day, but i'm scared i'll keep feeling this way... It's like there's no point in...
  18. J

    Fear of brain/neuro disease, need comfort

    Hello. So I've been struggling with severe anxiety for a long time now (4 years or so). I'm currently seeing a therapist and it helps me but right now I'm feeling low because I fear I might have something like a neurological/brain problem... I feel like my brain is foggy, and I have weird vision...
  19. T

    Anxiety Disorder fiancee

    This is a long one, not sure if I'm being fair or if she is for real. BACKGROUND: I am a 41yr old male w/ my 40yr old fiancee in a 3yr relationship, engaged approx 2yrs ago, and live together. I don't accept her negative reactions, I am nice to her, she does have an anxiety disorder, and these...
  20. W

    No longer interested in my family

    For years I have not been interested in seeing my family, I want nothing to do with them (only 1 of them is evil but she doesn't visit our family either) I think it started after I was with that P.O.S. abusive ex and abusive ex friends after that. Then I had to deal with a neighbor that was...