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  1. S

    f***** off, i after to deal with everything caused by everyone else

    but maybe that's way its turned out, as I was born on my own, with no understanding growing up, just singled out for this for research, and everyone as run off with throught of frankstein, I just saved to fund it, ie psychoses, for behaviour caused by everyone, like I grew up on my own, I shall...
  2. M

    OCD and Blasphemous Thought: How Jesus Christ Saved My Life

    Hello everyone, I four years ago I was in a very dark place. I went to a mental health professional where I was diagnosed with OCD (scrupolosity). Where I would have blasphemous thoughts.
  3. cpuusage

    How Psychedelics Saved My Life

    How Psychedelics Saved My Life - Reset.me
  4. mami5

    I am saved!!!

    Glad to say, I've been saved. My Dad has come back to look after me ...... might even take me with him when he goes. :) I'm Daddy's Little Girl again!!
  5. W

    important job that i dont want

    i am in desperate need of a job, to support my family. i have been offered a 3 day job, which doesnt pay alot. i have never done any of the stuff the job requires and i am dreading it, i really dont want it, but my family would hate me for turning down the offer, even though i wouldnt end up...
  6. P


    this forum has been great to me... a big help infact! but at the moment i feel as if i am pissing everyone off with my constant posts off rants so i have decided to lay low. i may be on . i may not be on. but i do know this forum isnt providing me with comfort anymore... shame really cause at...
  7. F

    Forced medication saved my life

  8. mrlaurel

    Bloody cars

    my window broke today, just booked it in for repair another £100 gone :( bless and I'd just saved that up!
  9. RedRoseBeauty

    Turning sour

    Okay so yeah I have been gushing on here how things have been close to perfect with my boyfriend but now the thoughts have come back. I checked his phone & found a text off his ex girlfriends best friend who he isn't supposed to be speaking too? No he didn't reply & no her number isn't saved but...
  10. G

    What's wrong with me

    Omg this stupid body of mine its hurting so badly my ears and my arm. This is what he does to me he gets inside of me and hurts me. It's punishment for today i didn't buy them. Why didn't i buy them. This is so wrong it would have saved me so much grief but no i had to want to live didn't i.
  11. K

    one time hearer...saved my life!

    hello everybody! I am not sure how well i will fit in here because i have only hear one voice and it saved my life. I have read some posts and can relate to the many mentionings of trauma, have had plenty of that. Uninvolved father, likely BPD mother, and somewhat angry and scary alchoholic...