1. A

    breathing issues, deep breaths

    Even when I'm sat down I feel like I need to fill big deep breaths and sometimes I can't and it worries me. But why would I need big deep breaths if I'm just sat watching TV?? Is trying to take these big breaths causing this issue do you think??
  2. C


    Does anyone else get blackouts where they have done something out of character? Since I have started to become well I have started to experience a few blackouts, I'm only aware of a few each year but it may be more as I only know its happened after I 'come round' and notice something is...
  3. S

    sat here , really upset , why won't life give jme a break

    why wont life give me a break , sat here nearly crying because all i want is for it to stop , it never does.. i don't understand , can't comprehend anything
  4. Lyotto1

    Revenge helped me bring my self esteem back.

    My brother used to molest me and beat me while i was a child. He would beat me for no reason and hit my skull till i have bad headaches during the day. If i cover my head he would then pinch my arms till my skin bleeds. I used to yell and cry asking him to stop and call him you stupid you dog...
  5. freshstart2016


    Work has been going really well. Last week, I and my two colleagues had a real good afternoon together. My recent colleague left. So it's me and two males left (i refer them both as my two boys). One of whom I like. Anyway, I have been meaning to talk to my colleague about a non work subject...
  6. B


    Exercise, i keep hearing its good for depression so I'm having another go. tried before (cycling) but I'm so unfit and live in a hilly area i gave up. i had a big birthday recently so put the money i got towards an electric assisted bike. went out on sat and sun, dint go far about 3 miles. but...
  7. S

    Another not all that great new year for me, hows yours ???

    New Year, Christmas and Birthdays. Never good times for me. Just sat having a vape and some diet cokes.
  8. M

    I can't cope

    Everything is going wrong, it's one thing after another. I am struggling so, so much. All I want is for someone to be here with me, sat next to me, hugging me and give me reasons why I should keep on fighting.
  9. bootoblue

    I hear voices that come from behind me.

    they follow me. the other day I was sat on a bus going to a day center when I heard a voice charge me with the offence of stealing a man's wallet who was sat over on the other side of the bus. "You stole that man's wallet" Generally I hear them in the morning or at night
  10. frustratedlady


    I hate weekend evenings as I am sat at home alone...My son goes to his dads on a fri and comes back on a sun eve (even tho he hates going) I have found it even more difficult since my best friend moved away 6 months ago...cos I miss her everyday and the evenings sat alone make me think about how...
  11. mrlaurel

    for sale or free to a good home..............

    paranoia and self hate. both are in well used but clean condition and seem to have many more years worth of use in them.... apply on a postcard to; MR I'M GOING BAD 19 BARKSVILLE AVENUE UPPER BEDLAM RAVINGINGLOONIESHIRE fuck I have it bad today, think I have someone sat out side watching...
  12. H

    Friend talking about me, don't feel like I can go to any of my other mates..

    Friend talking about me, don't feel like I can go to any of my other mates.. Two days ago me and some mates went on a work night out. I was drunk before we left and met them there, I was with a mate of mine for an hour or so before we left and we were having a laugh. Anyways so the rest came in...
  13. B

    Can't switch off

    Rubbish past couple of days literally getting by on no sleep as my mind won't switch off and when I do go sleep I have constant dreams about my ex who I've not seen in a year and a half or just completely messed up ones that make no sense! I'm sat here now contemplating messaging my ex but know...
  14. E

    i dont know what im supposed to do?!?! :'(

    these past few weeks have been a total blur to me, i'm not sure i can take it much longer, i've been suffering from panic and anxiety attacks every day, ive been feeling more depressed than i already am, people have noticed my mood, being happy then being sad within minuits. i even sat down with...
  15. T

    They say things come in 3s

    Been well for over a year now. Decided to apply for a job and got it, just waiting on my pvg coming back (2-3 weeks), and i get started 2 days per week support worker. 1. Noticed my dog had swollen glands about a week ago, went to the vet on Sat who diagnosed cancer. The dog is going in this...
  16. mrlaurel

    work focused interview

    sat here waiting for my phone call, I feel like puking up..............
  17. Mister.B

    Sat in my He-Man pants...

    ...Because I can't sleep for anything. What do you guys do to get to sleep? Normally I listen to music or masturbate about 4 times til I become exhausted, but I don't feel like any of them things tonight.
  18. H

    Feeling Im being crushed

    I feel like I'm in a vice thing. The things that grip on to pieces of wood. And someone is slowly turning the handle, squeezing the life out of me. I used to get this feeling several years ago, but now since my depression has overtaken my life, I just can't shake it off. I thought living with sz...
  19. T

    Social leper

    Am at a leaving do being thrown for my little bro (who I hardly ever see) & apart from family I know no one, have nothing to say (even to family!) and am sat in the corner like a social pariah. Ate a cake, wish I hadn't. How long is polite enough to stay??! X
  20. yellows

    Atos medical assessment

    Hi i was on IB for a few years before being transfered to ESA and put in a work focus group which i don't really understand?. Then just before xmas i had to fill a esa50 form about my illness and mental heath issues and now i got a letter on sat to say i got to go to a medical assesment on the...