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  1. O

    Does anyone else struggle with this?

    Since I've become more self aware and aware of my mental health issues it makes me second guess my gut instinct. Sometimes this is a good thing it helps me not over react to situations which i have done in the passed but, on the other hand i am currently feeling like somebody in my life is being...
  2. X

    What if you don't want to quit?

    I've spent a lot of time thinking about this and trying to talk it over with my therapist, but I feel like I'm getting nowhere. Everytime I bring up my self harm with my therapist she talks about "reasons not to" and everytime I can only come up with reasons that have to do with other people...
  3. midnightphoenix

    Are we safe to post on here?

    Is anyone going to harm us on this forum? :cry:
  4. letmein

    merry Christmas everyone

    stay safe and enjoy the best you can xx
  5. letmein

    not safe

    shout out anyone around? I'm in a mess.. everything has just hit me, I'm not sure what to do.
  6. letmein

    Stay safe

    please folks stay safe, 60 hours will see it over and gone.. for those looking forward to it, enjoy :) for those who arn't we can get through this together.. words and support. I will be around as much as I can till thursday. PLEASE STAY SAFE....... IF YOU ARE STRUGGLING INBOX ME!
  7. letmein

    not safe

    says it all really... can't fake it any more. I am ready to quit. not stupid enough to act. but i am scared.
  8. D

    Triigger Warning: Heartbreaking loss of lives in Mallorca!

    Since the severe thunderstorms ravaged Mallorca, we've been helping victims of the from the villages of Sant Llorenç des Cardassar and Artá. Between my family we took in and gave refuge to 5 families and their children to stay with us for as long as they want. The families lost everything: their...
  9. M

    Does anyone else feel like this? Please help

    Does anyone understand how it feels when inside you are screaming for someone to listen but you can literally not open your mouth to explain how much fear and pain you are in? This is me at the moment. I was coping so well with my PTSD triggers and flashbacks but have somehow unravelled into...
  10. S

    Time to give-up?

    I suffer with BPD and I’m currently having DBT therapy. I’ve been with my partner for almost 25 years and I feel so lost and alone in the relationship – I just don’t know what to do. It’s a same-sex relationship but she doesn’t identify as gay or bi-sexual. She makes it very clear that she is...
  11. letmein

    Not Safe

    in a really unsafe way. scared of my own actions..... life is rubbish and I don't want to do it any more. I don't cope with these feelings.
  12. A

    Please can someone help me?

    I'm so sorry, it's me again. It's just I really need some help. I have problems keeping myself and my hubby safe.
  13. mami5

    Sick and tired

    Cc told me last week that he had booked a room for an appointment for this afternoon and that he would send me a letter about it. Since last Thursday though I truly believe that he, psychiatrist, and rest of CMHT are out to kill me. Since then I've wanted nothing to do with them.....and...
  14. P

    Hi everyone! I’m new here

    I have Anthropo-phobia, a very rare and debilitating disorder where you experience the constant presence of elevated fear. For example I know I’m sitting here, safe at home, typing this message to you. But I don’t feel safe at all; rather, I’m feeling afraid, afraid of: “People.” People with...
  15. M

    I'm not sure if this counts..

    I've heard the term selective eating disorder. I'm pretty sure it's something I have, if it's even a thing. I basically can't eat anything unless it appeals to every sense. Like It has to look good, taste good, feel good to chew, smell good, can't make any weird sounds while you eat it (if...
  16. Fairy Lucretia

    no choice but to stay away

    something was posted on here that really hurt me i needed this place but no longer feel safe i will miss everyone so much x Lu x
  17. Fairy Lucretia

    buying medication from online pharmacy

    is it safe? i need something for my anxiety i am on four different medications but i want something for my anxiety x im more bothered about giving them my card details than the medication being safe to use x and what if i pay and they don't deliver? x
  18. letmein

    staying safe

    hi guys, I don't post much these days but think about you guys............ please stay safe and stay alive even when its really bad... there's always another day....
  19. S

    st John's wort/omega 3

    I was thinking of taking omega 3 with st John's wort.Are they both safe together?Anyone know please.
  20. letmein


    hi guys, not around as much these days just wanted to wish everyone a safe easter. not sure how i feel about a few days alone but i'll get by.... lack of good friends right now or people i can trust. stay safe folks.