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  1. S

    How to deal with PTSD from bullying

    I’ve been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, learning disability and other things. A few years ago I joined social media thinking it was safe. I became friends with the wrong people. I Told my friend I was gay. He ended our friendship. He told me I wasn’t normal and told his...
  2. H

    When I Get Upset

    Like all couples, sometimes me and my partner get into arguments, they're never anything major but I get extremely upset. With Borderline Personality Disorder, when I get distressed it goes to a whole new level. I literally feel like he's going to leave me, the world is going to end and that I...
  3. Urban Hermit

    F*ck my father

    Been writing a letter (not one to send) to burn once it's finished to my blood father ... It's really hard.. hurts to remember the sh*t .....I'm such a disappointment to him but f*ck him for not just being a good father, and not just loving me his son ..... :sorry::hankie:
  4. Chai_tea

    Why do I feel so alone. Did I do it to myself?

    I’ve been struggling with mental health issues for years now and I was initially diagnosed with BPD after 1 session. I was given antipsychotic and then expected to cope eventually, I stopped attending my one to one sessions and taking my meds. I started a mood diary and analysing why I was...
  5. M

    My story...idk

    Hey, so uhhhm English is not my first language so i apologize in advance for any weirdly structured sentences or grammar errors and also for the lenght of this post. My name is Matthew (english version of my name) and i'm a depressed, Bi teen from slovakia. I've been struggling with deppresion...