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  1. Confusedandlabeled

    too labeled

    I'm fed up . I feel like due to forensic diagnosis my anxiety, paranoia and depression get overlooked ((irony here is that two of my diagnosis are paranoid PD and borderline PD)) They always focus on my antisocial PD and the fact I scored 31 on my PCL-R examination , my narcissistic PD, and my...
  2. P

    Do you ever feel this way?

    Do you ever feel like the most sadistic beings in existence made the earth just for fun and have tortured everything on it? You ever feel this way? Because i do. Why did they have to show...
  3. F

    Solutions for sexual sadism? *TW*

    Hello, I'm posting here because I want help with something that I can't tell anyone about in real life. *Please understand I have never acted and will never intentionally hurt any other human animal or nonhuman animal.* This is more to do with how it affects me. As you already know I am a...
  4. M

    I don't know what's wrong, how to feel, and how to ask for help.

    I'm new to the forum here. I have been having therapy for like 2-3 years now. I have never really been able to fully explain this to my therapist. Or anyone else for that matter. I don't know how, but i guess I will try here. I hate emotions and feelings. I hate when people talk about their...