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  1. qwerty1234

    So sad

    I can't think straight. Nothing seems to feel ok. Everything bad, awful, miserable. Hate this. No wish to live like this. Want to feel better. Feel lazy, sad, too fat, too old to do what I want. Constantly tired or distracted, brain fog. Someone I loved and invested so much time in got...
  2. I

    So terribly lonely...

    Hi everyone, I'm not a native speaker so excuse me for the errors. I'm in my late 20s, moved to a foreign country to study and am finishing my degree next month. I had already done everything I had to do for my thesis. I have no friends due to a traumatic experience with my old classmates (I...

    My downtime life is sad.

    So it is Saturday after the working week. I was chilling this morning, had some freshly cooked curry for lunch. I was wondering what to do, so decided to go into town. I thought I would go to the book store to check out the travel books. Well I did do that. I ended up going to the food mall...
  4. SomersetScorpio

    Leaves are falling, so is my mood

    The clocks have gone back, it's dark, it's cold. Already got cracked skin on my hands. I want to sleep. Winter can go and bite my ass. :BLAH: I must try to stick to things that were helping me in the summer and not allow myself to become nocturnal like last winter. I'm trying to help myself but...
  5. R

    Troubled by Mistakes

    Hello. Something that I've been experiencing for a considerable amount of time is self-doubt and anxiety regarding my intelligence and how that affects my life. It seems to me that every day, I make many mistakes, and it's difficult for me to forget them actively, as I always tend to retain the...
  6. T


    okay i am a 19 year old gay male and ive suffered a lot of diffrent typees of intrusive thoughts from murder to sex to and violence but now i have a new one its TOCD i have never once in my life questioned my gender i have always been happy but now im doubting myself and the thoughts are making...
  7. S

    Trapped - want to self harm more

    I feel so trapped. My partner is making life hard right now. She constantly feeds my 'I'm not good enough' monster. Work is also an issue as I'm convinced I'm going to fail and let down my very supportive manager. My parents are lovely but they don't know the real me. They have no idea that...
  8. T

    help please

    okay i am a 19 year old gay male and ive suffered a lot of diffrent typees of intrusive thoughts from murder to sex to and violence but now i have a new one its TOCD i have never once in my life questioned my gender i have always been happy but now im doubting myself and the thoughts are making...
  9. L

    So low

    So I thought I was doing ok. But lately life's gone sideways: My jobs the pits, my line manage has a go daily, your desk untidy, you're not as productive as others. Etc My sons getting bullied and is friendless. People who I thought were my friends have created a new wattsapp group without...
  10. C

    My First Class Degree of Uncertainty

    University was the best three years of my life - cliche I know, but it's true! I had the best group of friends - some of which are now my closest! I did really well at uni, I had never done design before and i absolutely LOVED it, I enjoyed every single second. When the time came to leaving...
  11. Fantasia

    Maladaptive daydreaming

    Does anyone know anything about this/ have any experience this? It’s something I’ve always done but it’s really causing me great sadness at the moment
  12. L

    Any one care about me?

    I'm all alone....I feel no one on these forums are here for me. :sad:
  13. U

    anxiety in university

    So, I graduated from High School two months ago. For now, I consider High School the best years of my life mainly because I got to spend those years with my best friends, who I have known since first grade and secondly, I started to come out of my shell, went to parties and met some amazing...
  14. J

    I've never felt worse

    My whole life I struggled with problems. As a kid i was often picked as a bullying target which made me insecure and sad. I never felt good enough and like i didn't fit in. By the age of 12 i started escaping from reality by playing video games so i got worse at school. At that time my parents...
  15. B

    I can't feel anymore.

    It is hard to imagine, that anything I go through at this time could be marked off as that I am selfish, that I am a nut job or that my MI , is just an excuse and crutch. With that being said Major Depression and Generalized Anxiety have been my two big ones. That following ,a later diagnosis...
  16. S

    in too much pain , sat here in tears

    this is just one day and in this one day i have more then had enough . i had therapy earlier and since my therapy i have been hurting feeling sad lonely lost and confused. i was upset around my twin sister earlier because the '' male '' part of me was there ( i haev dissociation and different...
  17. D


    I feel so sad and alone, I don't feel like I can talk to anyone. I want to snap out of it (wish it was that easy) I feel stuck and at the moment it just feels hopeless 😔 I've never used a forum like this before so I might be doing it all wrong!? No idea. Just hoped there would be someone I could...
  18. M

    I don’t want to die anymore

    Hi everyone, I’m a little new to this forum, but thought I’d give it a shot. I apologize for how long this is, but I need an emotional outlet to express my feelings, and I know I’m not alone in this struggle. A little back story of silent battles, I’ve lived with numerous mental disorders for...
  19. S


    Hiya everyone 😆 I suffered a head injury 7yrs ago, and have since suffered from depression 😕 I am looking for a meeting/coffee morning place in my home town which I could attend and meet new people. I live in blyth, northumberland, I am 32 years old,have a 13year old son. Sadly,none of...
  20. H

    My Dad might be sick again :(

    HI all, I'm feeling a little sad today.:low: My dad was diagnosed with cancer 2 years ago and was given the all clear a few months back. But sadly a few days ago we received results from a scan which showed that he may have cancer again in a different area(we are waiting to see a specialist...