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  1. S

    When I have a cold my anxiety goes away

    Hi All - has anyone else experienced that when they have a common cold that their anxiety disappears? Its opposite what I thought would normally happen ... I thought that if the body was run down and tired that anxiety would go up. But in this case, when my body is run down, my anxiety goes away...
  2. C

    Looking for recommendations

    My daughter has been diagnosed with schitzotypal personality disorder. The only thing that the local hospital is offering is an increase in medication or committing to a psychiatric ward. And it's a three month waiting list to talk to anyone. Please tell me there are more options than this...
  3. L

    A poem.....

    Fear of rejection Another beautiful sunny day outside, But inside my apartment i stay and hide, Too many people, too much anxiety, Hoping today will be one of sobriety But once again, as often before, I open the bottle, and begin to pour, Another, and another, till the numbness begins...
  4. P

    Why does everyone leave me

    Why does everyone leave me when my mental health gets “too bad” I wish I could run away from this. Feeling low and worthless.
  5. G

    Extremely self conscious at the gym and emotional

    I go to the gym a few times a week but I hike vigorously almost every day. I've noticed an interesting connection. After a grueling hike or a long run at the gym I feel really emotional afterwards and sometimes can't control it for a few hours. I also feel very self conscious at the gym for a...
  6. R

    The edge

    I hear a ringing in my ears and my visions going blurry. Everything is disappearing and I am just sitting here. Just existing. Wondering what I am even doing here. The walls are coming up and I feel like I'm drowning. I want to run away but I have nowhere to run but the deepest parts of my mind...
  7. letmein

    overusing meds

    I'm over using my tramadol and zopiclone, just to get soem peace from my stupid head, they both help clam me down... but the issues come when i run out i have to go days with out any..... catch 22 but i'm sure i'm not alone here.
  8. S

    I'm afraid to run errands in public

    I'm afraid to run errands out in public, now. I think I am just realizing how scary the world can be.
  9. J

    When is exercise okay?

    I've been struggling with an eating disorder for about 7 months now. Days where I just don't eat or eat very little. I used to exercise as a way to make me feel better but I cut it out when I realized what I was doing. Now, I'm really feeling anxious because of school stress and I want to go on...
  10. K

    New to the forum....

    From the outside, I look like a "normal" person; I have a full time job, I run my own car, I play darts, football and basketball once a week, I have friends.... But what people don't see is that I suffer with BPD, Depression and Anxiety and I'm also a self harmer. I feel so lonely and isolated...
  11. T

    Feeling lost with no guiding light left in site

    dealing with my mental health problem ive done well But I can't help feeling lost like there is no purpose in my life I went shopping today and gve a homeless man five pounds I'm so super anxious around people im meeting my friends on Friday and I don't think I have anything to talk about. What...
  12. E

    New to the forum. Not sure what I'm here for :/

    Hi all. Stumbled across the site whilst googling :) Anyway i'm nearly 40, single mum of 3 and have had depression on and off since I was about 15. Anyone who knows me would say it's mild depression but that's cos I am an expert faker. To be quite honest, the only reason I am still alive or...
  13. K

    Today I wished I was dead again

    I feel so alone. I go out of my way for everyone else. And now when I need someone I look around and there’s no one. I just want to tell someone how I wake up crying in the middle of the night. How I drive to I work and wish someone would run me off the road. I just want to tell someone and I...
  14. nickybow86

    Anxiety is high, today is a shit day..

    I'm just fed up !! I sick of having to do everything, I'm sick of everyday life, today I wanted to just run away from all my responsibilitys. I'm 31yr old mom of 2 kids , I'm in full time college and have to do it all because of a lazy partner. For example today is an average day and starts at...
  15. letmein

    not safe.

    I have fear for myself and what may happen in the coming hours. I hope i can just get through this week. just taking each few minutes as they come, letting the thoughts run round my head and out again. desperate to be honest.
  16. Lyotto1

    Have you ever pushed yourself to work out while you're being depressed and felt like sleeping?

    Have you ever pushed yourself to work out while you're being depressed and felt like sleeping? Have you ever managed to convince yourself to put ur running shoes on while ur depressed and to go out and run with music on Even though ur not enjoying the running and feel crappy and unmotivated...
  17. katya

    YouTube resource: Trauma Recovery University for CPTSD

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this, so sorry if it's in the wrong place! This is a great resource: Trauma Recovery University The ladies who run it are called Athena and Bobbi (although Bobbi is taking a break at the moment), and they run a live Q&A (lasting an hour or so) on a...
  18. letmein

    so low..............

    mood is bad, thoughts are dark. not sure where to run too.:scratch:
  19. I

    feeling like crying :-(

    Hi I was doing so well went back to work as bank staff and was loving it,I feel so upset and like I'm going to cry as work just phoned saying they need a fit note as my dlsick.note doesn't run out for a week I feel so humilated and stupid incase they wont give me one I'm.so upset
  20. F

    Looking for a reason.

    Just joined. I'm not really sure why. I guess i'm lost. I'm on the edge. I need help. My life is slowly falling apart in front of my eyes and I just want to run away. Except i have no where to go.