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  1. A

    Hi there from wigan.

    Hi there, ive just joined and i live in wigan. It looks a little quiet round here though :unsure:
  2. M

    People chatting together

    I don't think I get what this is about. Is that just me? Should I instinctively know why people chat and just join in? I'm like an alien, I don't belong in a chat. Is this part of an MH? Is there a way round it please?
  3. N

    Hearing voices

    I have not yet been diagnosed with anything but depression but yesterday, I was in a bit of a state as I was due to pop into work just to say hello. I was having anxiety and panic attacks so ran a bath to try and calm myself. As i was just about to get in, I heard a friend of mine calling my...
  4. M


    Am afraid to say I feel my whole world is going to come crashing down at anytime soon. Anyone who has read any of my posts will know that I fought for years to recover from anxiety and depression and return to paid employment which I did but, felt pretty well disillusioned by it all. Well my...
  5. S

    Need Advice About my brother

    Hi All, Hope you can help. My brother has been working abroad for 12 months and we havent had much contact with him. He came home for christmas yesterday and stayed at my house. He was acting really strangely he was completely hyper all the time and say that all he was here to do was to make...
  6. A

    is this a step back

    ive suffered with depression for 6years and for the past 3 years ive been under gp care. recently my mood has gotten worse and i now have a cpn again, i havent had one since 05 and i feel this is a step backwards....ive also been sober 6 weeks and im finding it hard going at times but it is...
  7. A


    Hi All Just a quick hello. I'm new here just found the site today gonna have a nose round though:) looks interesting.