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  1. T

    Up, down, round and round!

    I don't know where I am. I was seeing things again today when I was at the hospital seeing my cpn. Went to relaxation group but was totally wired. I'm not sure what but I think something is about to happen. Again with the evilness. What is it? This other world that is so close.
  2. S

    I feel so ill

    I feel ill> dont know what to do> ime going to bed now < my pills will knock me out> they always do> and i alway wake up again in the morning for another round of hell.
  3. D

    musical about depression

    Imagine a musical about depression ?? songs like this , I am so blue and manic, I see me in the mirror and panic, the moods so down, I am through the floor, my head goes round and round, I never wore odd socks before, The doc gives me multi coloured meds, I get so confused, the hospital has...
  4. O

    I've never told anyone until now....

    I have been in bed for three days now, 72 hours, only up to use the restroom, was able to get myself to take a shower today. There is no one that knows this about me. No one knows what goes on behind closed doors--keeps going round and round in my head. I will have no choice but to get out...
  5. Abbi

    just sad

    Hi all , i don't really know where to start but i guess stating that i am in my 3rd month of depression is as good a place as any . In the last 8 mths i have had 3 pdoc and 3 cpns they just don't seem to stick around for long ! thats bad enough but what makes it worse is they all have their own...
  6. M

    Hiya everyone.

    Hiya, im new to the forum and pretty nervous. Im mum to 2 teenagers and looking for help and advice on lots of issues!! I wont bore you with the details just yet, im gonna have a nose round the site and try to familiarise myself with some of the topics. hope thats ok? speak to you soon. thanks.
  7. W

    ARGGHH!! sorry it's rant time!

    Just wondered if anyone has any advice when you've just raged at your poor mum who's crying.... I couldn't feel any worse right now - I've made my mum cry yet again!! Had to leave as I was too angry.... I have a few bits of furniture at hers, she's moving, and also completely illogical and...
  8. Rosepoet

    Can you think of one good thing that happened to you today?

    Well i felt Like...t when i got up but i was standing outside and this guy goes past wheeling his bike i smiled and said hello he usually looks miserable but he stopped and we had long chat. Turns out he has cycled round the world. Really interesting and he said he will help me fix my bike so i...
  9. A

    Why I haven't gotten around to reading Jung's Red Book

    An interesting article - http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/growing-jung/201005/why-i-havent-gotten-around-reading-jungs-red-book I haven't got round to reading it either - it just sits there. Anyone else got round to reading it?
  10. Modelaeroman

    Just had a HUGE panic/anxiety attack...,

    Hi all, just had a terrible anxiety/panic attack, my brain has been racing over the last few days, just a load of meaningless dribble going round and round. I just went upstairs to get a book to read got half way up the stairs and I felt an overwhelming feeling of being threatned. I feel bloody...
  11. T

    Am i still Manic?

    Hi. I see the pdoc tommorow morning in Glasgow. I am 22 years old and was put on 15mg of Olanzapine for high/manic mood i believe at my last appointmen. I have been taking it for a month now. Although it has helped with my sleep, my thoughts still race at times a hundred miles an hour. Ideas...
  12. S

    can any body give me some advice, please

    hello, I have terrible panic attacks, can't get out alone or stay alone at night, as when I get the panic attack i feel very ill and think that i am going to faint or pass out, everything goes round and i go very fainting. Has anybody got any tips on how to cope with this at night especially...
  13. A

    help, maybe, please?

    In a complete state. Everywhere ever minute every day for the last 2 years, I cant stop trying to fibnd ways to end it all. Ive tried overdosing twice, hanging myself, cutting myself and suffocating myself by putting a bag over my hed and wrapping duck tape round my neck. I’m sat in college...
  14. D

    bpd trigger.

    i dont know where to start or how to say things on here as im new,but im really struggling at the moment,ive made plans for monday,im scared,been here before,failed,im just going round in circles at the moment,yet again,told my social worker how i feel too.
  15. Gail

    Days like this possible trigger

    Do you ever have days when you just wanna scream , cry and give up days when it feel like your life is coming to an end or it would be better if it was. Not been a good week was put in hospital last weekend (i had no choice they sectioned me). Am out now and things are crap. Have not been out of...
  16. Gail


    didt know where to put this things not great been out of hospital a week or so im in that place where bad plans going round and round in my mind and i want to follow them i want to follow them so badly it hurts called crisis team last night and she told me to try doing some housework have...
  17. T

    i hate this

    i hate bi polar and hate being bipolar it controls me not the other way round well that is going to change i am taking control :mad:
  18. Gail

    BAD times possible trigger

    POSSIBLE TRIGGER mentions sucide sh Im in borderline personality disorder hell and i cant get out I have had a very bad time spent the last 7 days in hospital I took an insulin od i was that desperate i wanted out so i really went for it in the amount i took. Now im not allowed any insulin...
  19. kathrina

    How to.....??

    My friends are still giving me a hard time, people keep saying I've lost weight. How can I tell them to back off without upsetting them? I mean I am eating a steady 500 calories or round about. If I was eating less then yes I can understand it. Ok I've had a minor hiccup with V. I don't know...
  20. S

    Determined to get my life back

    Hi people. Found this forum the other night and spent quite a while poring over the posts and reading everybody's stories. There are some facinating tales on here and some that sound quite similar to my own. I've had it up to here with my illness. my main issue is an ongoing lack of emotion...