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  1. greebobeebo

    Stone cold sober and still feckin' miserable

    I often wonder if drinking too much makes my depression worse, but having been stone cold sober last night and crying my eyes out. I don't think it makes a difference. I know I had a childhood that was better than most people. Although I can't really remember anything significant that was good...
  2. K

    Why are people so pretty and I feel so ugly.

    I'm just constantly looking at everyone's image around me and to me they all look so perfect. I wish I felt like i didnt want to change a thing. Things that i would change: - My chunky legs - My non exsisting bottem - My chubby upper arms - My flabby belly - My chubby round face I'm just over...
  3. T

    A bit paranoid....

    I'm feeling pretty good just now, a spell of not sleeping at all, but gettin better sleeps now. I have been having funny thoughts for the past couple of days though, just wondering if people are trying to trick me?? My friends are coming round tonite and we are going round for a drink, but i...
  4. I

    Tough time...

    My friends parents are away this week so I'm staying round her house to keep her company for a few days. Its happened before where I've stayed round friends houses and searched bathrooms and kitchens for something to SH with.. I fear thats gonna happen again... Although maybe this time I'll...
  5. M

    A big hug to everyone !

    Im feeling a little jolly tonight and wanted to give everyone on here hugs :hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug: the trials and tribulations we have with these mental illnesses is horrible so hello everyone...
  6. T

    its offical where is bulbie?

    ok guys havnt seen bulbie for ages, has anyone heard from her, is she ok, bulbie if you round shout out thinking on ya girl tecno
  7. F

    BPD getting worse?

    Crazy talk here I go :unsure: I feel like my BPD is getting worse. In some ways I think perhaps this is good as perhaps Im just recognising that how I behave is 'wrong' but I cant DO anything about it! Even when I recognise I have overreacted or I have pushed someone away or am in the process of...
  8. R

    ?? unsure and v.down.

    i am posting in this section because i dont know where else to post. last time i went to my psychiatrist he said that i had personality disorder but i dont really feel kind of round to it yet so i dont want to post in personality disorder section besides which its one of those not otherwise...
  9. calypso

    No sense of self

    I saw the therapist today and he thinks I have a poor sense of Self. I think he is right. I tend to express everything outward to others to deflect from the fact I have no idea who I am. At 54 this is strange. I was once asked what I would most like to do, and I couldn't answer. This is...
  10. Fluffymum

    Is bored

    Someone give me something to do...other than all the boring things that need doing round here, I need some fun today
  11. peanut

    Hello all :)

    Hey... I'm peanut (not my real name obviously :tongue: ) and I'm from Newcastle upon Tyne. I suffer from cyclothymia and have done since my very early teens. I usually have more good days than bad, however recently it's been the other way round :( Hope to speak to all of you soon...

    Something I should have done a while ago

    Well I've finally got round to deleting most profiles on the net, Myspace, Facebook, Youtube etc. Hopefully no more 'internet drama' and only frequenting on sites where I wont get hassle from strangers who feel they are validated in questioning other peoples motives for their own gratitude. Also...
  13. EllieBelly86

    Today's the day!!!!

    So today is the day of my husbands big parade and i feel physically sick with nerves, my stomach is all over the place and i have nothing to calm me down :( I'm going to be round loads of people and think im going to look ugly nxt to everyone else. How do i act round the dreded neices who r...
  14. greebobeebo

    Paranoia and Depression

    Now my new man has found out I self harm, he's backed off. I was seeing him during the day and now he only comes round in the evening with his daughter. I was supposed to go round his for tea last night, but he supposedly went round his ex in laws for tea instead. He was supposed to come round...
  15. T

    please help you guys!

    Omg, my mind is just a jumble of words and songs, and speaking arrrrghhh i feel really wound up, i didnt sleep last nite till 5.30am and today i just going round and round in circles. i felt so positive yesterday about that jovb but today i just keep having idea after idea about what i want to...
  16. M


    Hi all, I've just had the nurse round and they want to refer e for CBT. Anyone else had this? How helpful is it? Maddy xx
  17. ScottyB

    Bad times

    :( It's starting again,,the negative thought's, speculating, paranoia, It's gonna be a long shaky night, been here too many time's I wonder where it's gonna end , I'm worrying about my assessment when is it gonna come through!! what are they gonna say i've got !! I'm worrying what people and...
  18. A

    Scared of people coming round???

    hi everybody, im a newbie as of today, just wanted to ask a quick question to see if other SAD sufferers experienced the same thing... i get scared of friends and family coming round to my house, i get really paranoid that they are going to think bad things about it, like that its dirty or it...
  19. S

    Disappointing trip to friends house.

    Been to see some friends of mine tonight, not seen them in a while but I've been friends with them for years and we generally catch up every few months. It always seems like it's me who has to make the effort to see them...calling and arranging, I always go to see them, they never come to me...
  20. T

    Is this a manic episode?

    Hi i am 22 years old and i was discharged from hospital last week after a two week stay. I was in hospital for feeling suicidal and hearing voices.However over the last week or so i have been experiencing the following: 1)Racing thoughts like ideas and movies going round and round in my head and...