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  1. coldwater00

    Feeling bloody awful

    I'm just having a really hard time at the moment managing my anxiety. It is quite literally out of control. It is not a panic like anxiety, my heart doesn't beat too fast and I don't get breathless or faint or anything, I just feel so, so overwhelmed. I have these thoughts going round, and...
  2. H


    Does anyone know of any support groups for women in the dudley area I feel like im goin round in circles tryin to find one.
  3. C

    Evil thoughts

    They're worse again and flashbacks, nightmares, anxiety, self doubt, it's all going round and round in my head, what I'd like to do to those horrible people and wish would happen to them. Apart from that I've been taking the meds, trying to do a bit more to regain some sort of balance in life...
  4. S


    I don't know how I feel any more. one minute I feel fine then the next I want to die. is it my drugs Im on? should I get them to increase my dose? and the hell citalopram does not help you sleep, I swear it keeps me awake, I cant sleep all my thoughts go round and round in my head, what happened...
  5. R

    Can't sleep Again-what to do?

    So: 600mg of quetiapine plus diazepam and still, every time I've put my head on that pillow- my thoughts of shite are there again just going round and round again. Hoping this not a sign of anything getting worse since there's so much that I need and want to do at the mo. It' wasn't even a...
  6. T

    I'm so sorry....

    To be not much help to anyone else at the mo. I'm back on to have a whine about myself - and I'm sick of it, sick of having something to cry about :( Anyway, last couple of days I was "cured" again. Nothing wrong with me etc etc, don't need to keep coming on here, that's what's making me feel...
  7. R

    going round and round

    Hi ive joined here in the hope it will give me a combination of distraction from whats going on in my head by looking through the discussions and games and everything and trying to help others. And also a chance to discuss things without worrying what anyone will think and to continue trying to...
  8. F

    Meds reduce some symptoms

    Meds reduce some symptoms but they don't make me any more socially functional/less socially inept. I'm still a square peg struggling to get in a round hole.
  9. speckles

    v low

    I feel v psychologically unwell the last few days, think i can't continue been watching yes ministrt but still can't lift myself there is black fuzz all round by world
  10. calypso

    It doesn't get better!

    Why do people keep saying that time heals everything? It bloody well doesn't. I have spent the day in a black cloud of despair. I went to the cheap shop to get some shoe racks with my daughter and her boyfriend. Something, what I don't know, triggered me and I crashed. I could only just...
  11. L

    Best friends from school and an old boyfriend

    I had a 'friend' with a very bad temper from school who went to Polytechnic after she left school, I didn't at the time even have an A level. Anyway this friend who was LAM used to invite me out for a drink when she came home from Brighton Poly. Come round she would say and we will go out for...
  12. M

    whats happend to me.

    I was an electrician/ technician installing MRI scanners CT,Pet suites, ups, ips,nurse call,bedhead trunking,fire alarms, Brandon pannels,all types of operating equipment ,Pyro, containment,strutcherd cableing,All LV (under 1000volt) The list goes on and on.Then A girl broke my heart and my...
  13. T

    A familiar feeling

    Round and round we go. Today's thoughts, feelings, musings. Feeling - headachey/pressure in my head, disjointed, disconnected, a bit 'out of it', tired. Stress/anger/rage seeped away. Thoughts - what really is the point in it all, don't want to talk, no connection with anyone, aimless...
  14. blacktulip

    Finding myself in the tight grips of alcoholism AGAIN

    I normally only post in my journal but guess i am getting pretty desperate and in need of some advice. Brief history; 1st time round, I used to drink vodka by the gallon, went to an alcohol service which really helped. 2nd time round, i tried just stopping completely, ended up in hospital...
  15. CastingShadows

    If I could think of a title that would be a good start

    My head is fuzzed up with cotton wool clouds of generalised anxiety. Concentrating is hard.... I search round and round for the words to explain myself (in this post, and in general) and even when I locate some words making a clear, concise, understandable sentence is struggle. A whole paragraph...
  16. M

    hello again

    evening everyone how are we all ? iv not been here much,been and still am in a relapse. started off with hair cutting,sh,overdose.. then a last min ticket 9 hours away from my murder seen of a flat. im so ashamed i left it how it is,i cant go back there for the mo. still missing my kids...
  17. A

    bp bf

    My bipolar bf of several years has gone up and down, run away, turned off his phone etc etc in the past. He has now decided to turn off his phone 2 weeks before xmas, cancel his facebook and didn't reply to any of my emails. He then sent me an email just before new year, saying he could not be...
  18. mrlaurel

    hows everyone doing?

    with the crimbo madness underway and the meltdowns round the corder how are you doing? after a really bad Tuesday I am picked up in my mood saw my shrinky bloke today so aired my feelings which helped.. I'm scoring about 5.5 on the old ogden ometer so I am OK, have to face the Merry Hill...
  19. aleshadxcherylc

    hospital admission

    Hi Just been to therapist told her about my Sucidial feelings and how i nearly went through with them on monday she nearly thought about admitting me to hospital but she didn't as she thought I'd still call for help I'm so scarced can they come round and just take me now from my house ? Help...
  20. speckles

    how do i carry on?

    Is there any way out, if so where is it? I can't see a road. Life is just full of obsessive and intrusive thoughts circulating round and round, is it time to stop fighting.