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  1. T

    What causes mental illness.

    The love of money is the root of all evil. Money makes the world go round. What causes mental illness? Money. Simple as that.
  2. G


    test to get round a posting problem - can't edit the title though
  3. ABsea

    a bunch of feelings

    I dont know what I'm feeling. Its like a clusterfuck of everything that could ever be felt. Im just so pumped over nothing. This week i had the most energy I've had in a while which is weird considering the ED. i hate myself but i have things to look forward to. I keep telling myself it will get...
  4. P

    Got a bit of a silly question

    Ok so I'm at my psychiatrist today at 2:30 and I'm worried..... HE'S arrogant and I do not like him..... So my question is how do you open up and tell him what your thinking and feeling? I don't understand much but I think there is more to it than bpd depression sh.... Other than going in...
  5. B


    Hello everybody i am clive,glad i have found you.I am going to have a look round the forum now,and maybe join in later.Hello again.
  6. ScaredCat

    Will i ever stop

    Will i ever stop keep thinking that being dead is the only solution. Please say it will get better. First started thinking this 4 years ago. Go round and round in circles. I might even have asked this before. Just need hope
  7. F

    I don't want to go out

    Some days i get like that, the thought of going out is too anxiety provoking. Was given recipe with option to go out over the weekend and get ingredients but stayed in. Rehab team are due round and i am thinking of making up an excuse to put them off. Bed is very tempting.
  8. S

    Bpd and me

    Hi all first let me tell you my spellings not too good Ive come on the forum for a bit of advise really,I have been under the mental health team since 2007 i first was told i had anxiety depression and aggrofobia, i had 2 years of physcotherapy and was able to go outside after nearly 10 years...
  9. R

    Freeloading Friend

    Hello, I'm new to the forum and facing a difficult situation. I suffer from cyclothymia (medicated) and my partner suffers from depression (unmedicated). We had a spare room, and offered to help out a depressed friend who was struggling by letting him move in. The terms were that he would...
  10. T

    New to this

    Hi everyone I've just joined and wanted to say hi and try to find my way round X
  11. sahasrara


    Constant circles big and small of good and mostly bad :'( I Wonder wats the point. When its just comes back round again. Whats the point in trying over an over.
  12. FelineVintage

    Back on meds - mixed feelings

    It's all just got a bit too much the last couple of weeks topped off by a massively distressing phone call with a ruddy junior doctor from my GPs surgery yesterday (my practice is a teaching practice). She clearly wasn't experienced enough to be dealing with someone like me and the GP...
  13. mrlaurel

    Esa review - can't put it off any longer

    right I have the forms and they are due back on the 24th Jan so posting date is going to be the 21st - 1st class signed for. right help and advice time? I'm going to use the online version PDF again as I found this much easier last time. what would you add in? what wouldn't you leave out...
  14. prairiechick


    I may be headed for another high! Got super hyper playing games after dinner with friends this evening. I won nearly every round and with every round I won I got more and more intense and excited. Hope I can come down without a big crash. Don't want to up my quetiapine again.
  15. P

    friend is going through grieve and i don't know how to support her?

    Hello everyone! will try to cut a long story short! basically a good friend of mine's boyfriend has tragically passed away. It really is unexpected and is such a sad time for my friend and all of his relatives/friends. thing is, I found out because it was in the local paper and as soon as i...
  16. T


    I had a weird incident when I went swimming earlier on, and four hours later I'm still boiling under the surface about it. I was having a shower after doing my lengths, and that sixth sense you get when someone's staring at you kicked in... sure enough, when I turned round this kid was looking...
  17. tigerfish

    so many feelings!

    Im feeling so overwhelmed with all these emotions and I can't escape from them, even when im trying to sleep, things go round and round in my head!!! Im on a rollarcoaster and I can't get off of it!! I just need someone to help stop this or at least slow it down!! Ive had the high, which was...
  18. S

    Home treatment team coming round

    What can I expect from them? What happens when they come round?
  19. D

    what help have you had from the mental health team and for how long?

    ive been in the mental health system since I was 16 and have only ever had a cpn not evern that often and 12 sessions of cbt but recently my cpn came round and offered me 2 years of phycho analysis but I have to pay. its shocking but I do live in a rural area what help have you had?
  20. BlueGlass

    How do you deal with people dismissing your disorder?

    Today at work, for the first time I told someone that I have social anxiety, they then proceeded to totally put me down, saying that she knew someone who was much worse than me, and so basically I was making a fuss over nothing. This one reason why I don’t talk to anyone, as I always reveal...