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  1. F

    Negative thoughts and can't get rid of them

    The last 4 days or so I have been going over something I did a few months ago at the time I was at my lowest and knew it was the right decision. But now it's going round and round in my head consuming me and making me feel guilty for making said decision it's getting so bad that it intrudes on...
  2. W

    Going round and circles

    Trying to get help for anxiety and I feel like im going round in circles. I go from the CMHT to the GP to the CMHT back to the GP.
  3. lilbit

    New here

    Hello I just joined today. I'm a 36 yo unemployed gal from London. I have suffered with depression and anxiety in various stages throughout my life (earliest I can recall was around 9 years of age). This week, I embark on my first ever round of anti-depressants. Scary. While this unfolds I...
  4. K

    Really depressed

    Hey I suffer from serve anxiety and depression throw out my life but servley since 2015, I'm in a right pickle at the moment last September I lost my driving license due to a mess up with my medication and it's just made me go round in a pickle ever since, I have a eating disorder that I'm...
  5. R

    Not sure what's going on with me

    To begin...I work in mental health which sounds ridiculous as I've no idea what's going on with me. I was very shy when younger and always blushing but this got much better. It got worse again around 3 years ago after a relationship with an abusive partner. I now struggle with blushing a lot...
  6. C

    I don't even know where to start

    As the title says, really. My whole life is a mess, things were starting to look up then I fucked up by doing something stupid, I got over that and then did something even more stupid and ever since then I've been in a downward spiral that I can't get out of. The doctors going to talk to the...
  7. G


    Evening, I've just joined the forum tonight in the hope I can get some of my thoughts out on here and try and fully explain whats going on in my life. I've been to the doctors previously but don't seem to get anywhere and end up going round in circles. I also find it alot easier to type my mind...
  8. L


    Hey. Basically I've fucked up so much �� I have DID which is dissoicative identity disorder and I use different identitys but one of the identitys I had a baby (although I dont) its just what I thought and hear voices about. I was very suicidal so the service (not on fb or on here)...
  9. B

    Why are people with bipolar treated like children?

    Because they accept thats the way it is. Everything is bipolar just as all roads leads to Rome, apart from the M25 that just goes round in circles. This is getting too deep Sorry to have wasted your valuable time.
  10. cpuusage

    Bad memories & bad anxiety

    i have the same stuff go round & round in my head - the same memories of being in severe psychosis & what happened around it all, especially from the first episode. It was 27 years ago but feels like yesterday. i also get this almost constant very bad anxiety. It's obviously something...
  11. R

    support worker assessment

    my support worker said as my pip claim was dealt with that she was closing the case, as she didn't put it in writing i left a message on the bosses answerphone she phoned they haven't closed my case i just don't need support, i said does that mean i can ask for support she said what support do...
  12. Kerome

    Jiddu Krishnamurti on the Roots of Psychological Disorder

    I thought this was interesting because it speaks to the boundary between psychological dysfunction and spirituality from the perspective of a possibly enlightened being. It is actually a round table, also involving a few other notable scientists of the time, including Rupert Sheldrake.
  13. letmein

    the pian won't go away.

    :confused: no idea of my next move, saw therapist this week, no real answers to any of my questions. I just go round and round..... anyone know a way off this ride?
  14. Y

    help me

    Basically all I can think about is this anxiety and how bad it's making me feel, there's not even anything I'm anxious about sometimes it's just the feeling that's making me feel even worse and giving me more anxiety!!! it's like a vicious cycle going round and round. I'm having suicidal...
  15. daffy

    Think I'm heading down the slippery slop

    ive been fairly stable for the last five years . A few hiccups along the way but nothing too drastic. Now it starting again . I'm spending like someone demented, including cashing in part of my pension and spending 11k on a car. I've bought 10 bottles of expensiVe perfume but I now seem to have...
  16. Kerome

    The mindful way - the Thai forest tradition

    I came across this video a few weeks ago and I thought I would share it. It is a little older and is about the monks who live in Thailand in the forests. They have made the effort to return to the original way the monks lived in the time of Buddha - in the mornings they go on an alms round, they...
  17. R


    i've been going to this mind group and i worry that the more i use services like that, the more my diagnosis will get around and the more stigmatised and rejected i'll be in the area It's not as though i feel accepted as it is but i know when that benefit form arrives i'm going to struggle for...
  18. S

    Don't know what to do anymore

    Feel really numb confused lost muddled all mixed up all I want to do is sh and Od theres so many things going round and round in my head keep on crying really miss the one person I could talk to openly and honestly they've gone iam trying with the new one but theres no connection there feels...
  19. M

    Going round incircles

    I seem to be going round in circles and I can't get out of it
  20. M


    Feel they are going round in circles