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  1. M

    Obsessive thoughts = Anxiety?

    I'm suffering from persistent obsessive thoughts which simply will not go away. On top of that I have disabling fatigue and complete emotional and physical numbness. Does obsessive thinking mean that anxiety is the root problem? Can I say for certain that anxiety is involved here?
  2. Kerome

    Is the imagination the root of our trouble?

    It sort of relates to psychology, so I thought I’d stick this here. It occurred to me today that a lot of mental health problems are related to the imagination. Basically hearing voices and hallucinations often draw heavily on the imagination, as does anxiety, eating disorders which do not see...
  3. Kerome

    The nine-point death meditation

    There is in Tibetan Buddhist circles something called the nine-point meditation on death, which is an outline for a meditation which has three roots, and three reasons for each root, for the consideration of the practitioner. It goes as follows: The first Root: Death is certain. 1. No being has...
  4. cpuusage

    Do Schizophrenia and Autism Share the Same Root?

    New research suggests the two conditions may be de different outcomes of one genetic syndrome Do Schizophrenia and Autism Share the Same Root? - Scientific American
  5. cpuusage

    Women & Depression – Dr. Kelly Brogan

    Kelly Brogan - Women & Depression: The Root Physical Causes
  6. Sparklypurplepaws

    counselling / psychotherapy????

    Hi all, I'm having a little dilemma - I have lots of issues that need sorting out - I'll be brief; Historical childhood sexual abuse Self harm from when I was a toddler Depression Pychcosis Obesity / binge eating / addiction to food Grief So, I've decided to go back to psychotherapy, I've...
  7. R

    The Root and Branch Project

    Hi, I heard this gentle man speak at the recent Soteria Conference at Derby on "Alternatives Within and Beyond Psychiatry". Here's a link to what was said http://www.soterianetwork.org.uk/articles/index.html and there's some good stuff for anyone interested in making positive changes. There's...
  8. D

    do you take any health supplements to help your schizophrenia?

    every day ii take magnesium,zinc,b6, calcium and vitamin d, fish oils iq, multivitamin, vitamin e (bad skin) vitamin c anyone tried any herbal remedies that help i'm thinking of trying valerian root to calm down and ginklo (cants say it but sounds like biblo) tablets what things have helped you?
  9. C

    Has anyone tried Valarian Root for social anxiety?

    My anxiety over anything with any sort of social aspect to it has reached it's peak again. The panic attacks are worsening and I've had problems more recently with my brain 'switching off'. I can't really go out of the house on my own, I've lost contact with all friends, can't deal with my...
  10. P


    NEWBIE dont know whats happening to me. my wife wants me to leave ,because of my temper and indefference to her needs, my 2 daughters are on her side. my sons are not informed. ii feel pressured cant handle this. am on mirtazapine because i agreed to get help, but this is not help, its not...