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  1. W


    Hi all, first time here. I’m in the grips of a full blown anxiety/panic attack which is causing me to feel absolutely ill with nausea. Whole body shaking and I can’t get to sleep. What’s worse is that I’m in a hotel room with my wife - we are away for a special night together and it’s ended like...
  2. Fairy Lucretia


    i spent years in my room ,only leaving to toilet and bathe my food was bought up to me it felt a bit like a prison life isn't that different now ,at least i walk maddie but before ,just the room and me x
  3. M

    Seeing Auras

    Not sure if this is the right place to post, if not... sorry about that! please feel free to move. Earlier this week I was with a group of people in a dim lighted room... I was gazing at somebody a little bit further away & I could see her aura... it looked like green smoke or fog surrounded...
  4. M

    How can i stop constant cleaning?

    Hi. I feel like if im explaining my situation, it will be easier to answer or get a little bit of insight, what i feel most of the time when i get these waves to clean or sanitize. When my mother died i had to live with my alcholic aunt and my stepfather - they started being in a relationship...
  5. vanish

    I want to go home!

    Hey folks, still stuck in the hospital. I don't fit in here at all as it is a private 'retreat' style hospital. The patients are all fairly stable and chatter away amongst themselves. They found out my diagnonsense and want nothing to do with me. I sit in my room alone most of the time. I tell...
  6. E


    Hello my name em. Iam 40 suffer with schizoaffective disorder. I hear voices and have mood ups and downs. Which room would be best for my issues. Many thanks em x
  7. B

    Voice scared me

    Ok so first of all I am diagnosed with organic schizophreniform psychosis.Been on antipsychotics for almost 3 years (currently on Clozapine). I also have Borderline Personality Disorder. During last couple of years I had many hallucinations.But almost all of them were visual...
  8. L

    My mum doesn't understand my severe fear... Help?

    So, long story short, I live with my mum and i suffer from depression, anxiety, panic attacks and a little ocd (my brother and sister are staying at our dads atm). Quite often we get sp***rs in the house as we leave the back door open for our dog. Sorry i can't even type the word as it makes me...
  9. Mr.NiceGuy

    Turning fan off reduces paranoia and voices

    My hearing voices say they are officers of the law and you're going to jail and this bullshit were really active for the past couple weeks. But for the past three days I've almost totally eliminated them by one simple trick, turning off the two fans I keep running in my room constantly! I...
  10. Anime-Alchemy

    I don't know

    I'm confused? and just don't know. Firstly i didn't take my medication yesterday but i have taken it today at around 10am (10:03?). I guess since yesterday i've been feeling off and down, sad. I'll start off with the conversation that my mother had with me last friday? She feels that i'm not...
  11. K

    Still struggling with past event

    *Trigger Warning for sexual assault* A few months ago I had made a topic about how I was not sure what to do about me being sexually assaulted since I now have no legal right to press charges against my attacker. This has bothered me greatly and I am having a very hard time dealing with the...
  12. R

    I dont know if I'm hearing voices or not

    My family has a long history of mental health problems on both my father and my mother's side. I think I'm having a breakdown but I don't know if I'm just being dramatic. I did hear a voice once before. It sounded like it was coming from behind me and shouted my name in my ear. I was 12 and...
  13. Deadheading

    Video I found about BPD rage

    I couldn't finish watching it. I was getting angry and I wished I was in the room with her to tell her off. And yes, I am always right. YouTube
  14. T

    Need to vent

    I want to preface this by saying that there's no real purpose to this post. I just want to vent in a place where people can respond if they want to, but I don't expect anyone to do so. I will also be discussing depression, eating disorders, suicide, etc, so I would like this to be my content...
  15. Zardos

    Sleeping With The Television On

    I came to at about 11:30pm.. I was lying on top of the bed with my legs hanging' over the end.. Couldn't tell ya how long I'd been there.. I just don't remember.. And I was stiff all over.. Like everything had seized while I'd been asleep... it took ten minutes of rolling around in agony before...
  16. S

    Stigma at it's worse TRIGGER Warning

    I just want to share my experience at A General Hospital today when confronted with assumptive and untrained staff. I hate hospitals at the best of time yet due to my self harming I visited the hospital to get my injuries looked after. I got to the front desk and started with, "I suffer from...
  17. tiltawhirl

    My mandatory annual physical

    I never want to go and have skipped many. I did go in about a month ago to get a COPD dx and inhalers. I am impatient waiting for them to call me back from the waiting room. So they weighed me, took my blood pressure and my oxygen level, didn't tell me what any of them were. I asked about...
  18. P

    advice on situation

    Hi all, new to the forum. Quick background, I suffer from health anxiety and general anxiety. Had it under control for the last few months (CBT). Having recent spikes...but that's not what I need assistance with. I have been increasingly on edge and last night my wife and I had a small...
  19. Mr.NiceGuy

    other ghostly behaviour

    If when you type a message trying to describe the behaviours of voices, and they yell at you for the different thoughts you have on how to say it as those thoughts crop up in your mind, based on there judgement of you getting the wording right and it remaining a true statement, then you can know...
  20. B

    Cleanliness and contamination OCD

    When I first move into a new house, I would wipe all the surfaces with a disinfectant at least twice, including all hard-to-reach parts of window sills and jambliners, the hidden surfaces of drawers and cupboards, those that are reachable only after you take out the drawers, and the parts of...