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  1. T


    I love that I found this friendly forum and joined last night :thumbsup: I don't like that I am so computer stupid. It just took ages to work out how to open a private message!! :rolleyes: I even managed to burn my dinner. Feels like a maze in here. But hey …. managed to find my way back...
  2. vanish

    Going on a high again

    I was in a manic state about 6 weeks ago which lasted about 2 weeks before a crash. Now I am becoming elevated again. I feel like I'm on Ecstacy or something, everything is just buzzing. I actually hate mania after a few days because I don't sleep and I tend to sometimes indulge in risky...
  3. S

    Agency Contracting

    They really take the pi**. An agency called me confirmed that I was starting work tomorrow. They just had to let the client clarify a few details. Another agency company calls about an hour later and says they want me to start today. But I had already committed to and accepted the first...
  4. S

    Relationships: And being put off

    Put right off relationships. I don't know whether there are combinational factors at work. no doubt such that there is...:rolleyes: Like my parent before. They were stuck in a rut. An endless cycle of work, eat, sleep. Increasing moodiness and soul crushing days, everything the same one day to...
  5. music

    Just another new user

    Hi all. Just registered a user here, in hope to find others with mental health problem. I'm from Europe, so my english is not that good. But I'll try my best.. :rolleyes: Short about me. In my twenties, live by myself, struggle with PTSD and bipolar (yay for a combination :doh2: ). Hope to...
  6. dodo777

    Feeling good today

    I always come on here when I am feeling depressed or stressed so I thought I would make a change. The only thing dragging me down is knowing my son is still suffering. His new meds Quetapine is making him restless but I told him to keep taking them because meds today don't act like diazepam...
  7. G

    Hell all

    Hi everyone. Just a few lines to say a little bit about myself. What is there to say? Well, in December of last year I was diagnosed with depression, persistent delusional disorder, and schizoid personality disorder. Phew! I've suffered from those illnesses for well in excess of 10 years. Spent...
  8. H

    choosing therapist

    i am going private as it is my only option. i am very stressed over choosing a good therapist. i know what to look for but i think i will pick a crap one and it will be another waste of money. my parents have already spent like a grand on therapy for me with no results to speak of. i am not the...
  9. shaky

    New government confirms £1.25Bn committed by coalition for children's/mothers' MH

    New government confirms £1.25Bn committed by coalition for children's/mothers' MH http://www.communitycare.co.uk/2015/05/29/government-quells-fears-scrap-coalitions-mental-health-funding-pledge/ Nice for children and mothers then :rolleyes:
  10. P

    have to get out

    So tonight I am going to drink coffee and play ps4 with my best mate not seen him since Xmas eve my doing ( isolating myself) but I need to get out just escape even just for an hr..... So if anyone wants me that's where I'll be. Hopefully he won't ask too many questions and he will leave it...
  11. Lincoln1990


    He's basically perfect. He's concerned about me. He's sent me flowers ;) he knows I'm very very ill and he thought that would help me feel better. He doesn't smoke!!! Which is the first time someone has had an interest in me that doesn't smoke. Even though I've dabbled in smoking, I'm against...
  12. E

    Christmas is only one day

    I just wanted to say to everyone who thinks that Christmas ain't all that - it's only one day! :rolleyes: all the best!
  13. C

    anyone from doncaster

    anyone from doncaster and used mental health services , just wanted to know if you rate the help :rolleyes:
  14. M


    afternoon peeps.just nipping by :rolleyes:
  15. M

    Does anyone here get an employment specialist?

    So the other day when I went to my appointment my care co-coordinator had to point out that my employment specialist ( who works in mental health too) got me my job. Excuse me, but I went to the interview, she didn't come with me :rolleyes: I did most of the work. Then I had to face a grin on my...
  16. skitzofrantik

    frak yes woop woop

    now have my own flat keys to MY own place :woohoo::dance: feels so weird didny even expect to be here 5 years later let alone with my own place, how life can change, just want to be in there now but trying to be patient as coz of homeless priorty i get core furnishings like carpets etc, so there...
  17. skitzofrantik

    bat shit crazy manic happy dancing polar bear

    well after 11 months of being a wondering nomad (would say vandal but didny think many people would know the right meaning of that word :rolleyes: ) with a rucksack, was getting so close to just buying some sandals white flowing robes and get a long stick :rofl: :rolleyes: i fingers toes balls...
  18. Greytabby


    Hi everyone... I am Greytabby... My friends call me Kat... I am 50 years old... I have schizoaffective disorder with bipolar mood swings... I am looking for support from people who are understanding about mental illness and doesn't stereotype... (I get that a lot) :rolleyes: I look forward to...
  19. M


    :rolleyes: again?? ffs ill zip it
  20. S

    Hello everyone!!!

    Hello, I'm a new member of this forum site, and how are you? :rolleyes: