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  1. Beeyum

    Sexual Dysfunction bc of Risperidone

    I was on Risperidal for 4 months and went off of it because it made me move slow and made my breasts leak. I've been off it now for 4 months (since March of this year). It also destroyed my sex drive and sense of creativity. My libido and creativity are still lacking. Has anyone experienced this...
  2. M

    Having few problems, need help

    Been getting voices for about a year now. Been on risperidone for about 4 months now. I've just had my antidepressants increased (sertraline 150mg to 200mg), and the risperidone been told to stop taking them. Was then told that the risperidone wasn't prescribed for the voices (antipsychotics)...
  3. S

    Is this medication correct?

    Hello. Suffering from OCD(pure o) for 12 years. Taking 1 mg of Xanax during the day, 100mg of Zoloft in the morning and 0,5 risperidone at night. Is this considered a high dosage? Thanks
  4. T


    Looking for advice on tapering. Is it possible to wait until you get withdrawals then take a tablet to stave off symptoms
  5. S

    3rd day of schizotypal psychosis

    Am now in my 3rd day of schizotypal psychosis my psychiatrist today upped my risperidone to get this feeling of evil spirits around me away and stop my tv from comunicating with me.my psychiatrist says its stress thats inducing my personality disorder.im very paranoid aswell but im just going to...
  6. ms.elle

    Is the emotional flatness from risperidone ?

    Everything began to feel strange back in april, when I fell into a really deep depression for about a month. I've had depression most of my life, but this one month felt stronger than ever and I broke down to my very core about my self esteem issues. I stopped going to my classes, I wouldn't...
  7. shaky

    Risperidone making my work worse

    I'm having trouble at work They've got an efficiency drive on and I got a letter saying I ws wokring to slowly but I think that is just a form letter to everyone. Or else I'm filling in the tieme sheet wrongly But yesterday I took 1mg of risperidone (I usually don't take it) and today I felt...
  8. F

    Do anyone care at all

    I'm Cheliey Intro: I first became sick in 2012, to the point I was hospitalized. I was scared and of course the doctors/family/nurses didn't tell me anything about what was going on with me. I thought I was dying and seemly enough, every time I get sick [mentally] I feel that way. Of course...
  9. D

    Risperidone ( Libido after stopping )

    Hello sorry for my english skills , I'm from Germany. I want to know if the Libido comes back and how long does it take that the Libido come back after stopping Medication with risperidone ? I would be very thankful for your experience
  10. E

    Antipsychotics and weight gain

    Hi, I've been on Risperidone for 10 years and have put 3 stone on, I now want to loose weight. I tried coming off my meds (by myself, cold turkey!) but it didn't work out well and I relapsed. Anyone have any advice on how I can loose weight and be on antipsychotics? I did try taking metformin...
  11. Y

    Not so new, but I didn't even say hello.

    Hi, I started posting on here, with the hope of sharing some of the benefits I have felt from reducing my drugs, drinking more water, getting more exercise (walking), and eating better food. The problem is I only seem to post on the internet when I am becoming unwell, and I am beginning to...
  12. T

    From Riperidone to Olanzapine or Aripiprazole?

    I’m currently on 4mg Risperidone, 1500mg Semi-sodium Valproate and 50mg Sertraline and I’m experiencing what I’ve read others posting about the first one: namely, a loss of motivation and a depression that’s increased over time. It’s got to the point where I can’t do much and just sit around...
  13. C

    Had to up my dose of antipsychotic medication

    So I've been doing a gradual taper of risperidone. My dose has been decreased from 6mg to now 0.5mg. I've had no repeat of any delusions or hallunications but as soon as the dose went from 1mg to 0.5mg I've started to feel really poorly again. The dose was reduced on the 1st October and since...
  14. samuel-oc235

    quick question ?

    what happens if you take DMT ? But your still on risperidone ???
  15. S

    Anyone on risperidone

    I've recently been diagnosed as schizoaffective and this medicine gives me headaches and foggy head. Does it ever go away??
  16. shaky


    I'm taking Risperidone again - and life has gone dull I'm not enjoying anything. I was rather unstable, very anxious, so I went on Risperidone again, but the lack of energy, not getting stuff done, and the lack of enjoyment is soul destroying.
  17. C

    Risperidone causes lethargy, tiredness and depression?

    Hi all, I'm interested in your experiences of Risperidone. Has it caused tiredness, lethargy and depression? Following a long psychotic episode, I've been taking 3mg of Risperidone daily - my pyschosis has gone, but I feel incredibly flat, really tired and my depression seems to have worsened...
  18. 9

    Risperidone stops you enjoying the things you love

    Risperidone makes me feel numb, I don't feel strongly about anything I'm very passive on this drug. I'm losing interest in the things I love like christianity and football. What is your experience of risperidone?
  19. shaky

    Definitely Hypomanic

    Yep, hypomanic today. Got up about 4:30am Wrote loads and loads Achieved tons Been talking nineteen to the dozen It's ten fifteen now and I am going to try to go to bed - I need it Also going to try to take some Risperidone - but that is more in doubt I find it VERY difficult to take that stuff...
  20. V

    negative voices

    hi has anyone experienced voices that tell them to put themselves in dangerous situations and constantly laugh, ive stopped going out as its a constant battle. told my psych today and he has put my risperidone dose up.. sometimes when voices laugh in a nasty way at me im confused as to if its...