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  1. B

    Dissolved morals dissolved me?

    Hey there, First of all, thank you for hearing me out. I began to work a few months ago and i stressed myself out a number of times. I didnt (want to) realize that im surrounded by people with low morals: cheaters and liars. At first i tried to "get into the group" but later when i realized...
  2. H

    Is ringing in the ears part of Schizoaffective?

    I've been having quite a bit of ringing in my ears lately. Thought it was congestion, but then noticed it seems to go along with feeling more anxious, agitated, and paranoid. Anyone else have this?
  3. P


    I have borderline personality disorder,also a long history of various abuse growing up as a child. As a result of this I'm rubbish with boundaries. My mother has dementia and lives alone. I had tried to put a care package in place but when it comes to letting people into house or even keeping...
  4. R

    Hearing Voices/Sounds?

    Hi, Well I did PeyoteQH. And throughout the dose I swear I heard my sister talking. I couldn't understand what she was saying, and it started to piss me off since I like doing my doses in complete quite, and then the dose ended about 2 minutes after and I looked around the whole house, and she...
  5. 1


    things are on the down again after being settled for over 2 months, my consultant is "impressed" with me and my CPN feels like im finally beating these diagnoses. but today im doubting it ... so after a month of waiting and planning ive been prescribed medication again. basically been off meds...
  6. M

    Don't know what to do with my life

    Hi my name is mark, I'm 38 I have been battling depression for a few years now and thought everything was going ok. A few days ago my father died which has hit me hard but the harder thing is the day before he died my wife said she needed a break from me and moved out. I am alone and my whole...
  7. Mr.NiceGuy

    Waking up to a whistling in the ear just Rapid Eye Movement carrying on for a second

    Waking up to a whistling in the ear just Rapid Eye Movement carrying on for a second So I've noticed when sitting in the silence listening for a ringing in my ear, that I can cause changes in the ringing by moving my eyes around. Could the whistling heard in the ear by many sometimes after you...
  8. W

    Should I phone the crisis team? HELP

    I'm feeling overwhelming urges to OD and have a reasonable amount of medication available (without my GP knowing i.e. without taking what she has prescribed in my most recent prescription). What would happen if I phone the crisis team? I don't know what I want or need. I was given the crisis...
  9. blacksmoke

    why dont ya answer the phone

    the landline keeps ringing and my mobile keeps ringing and i am ignoring both just need to be left alone in the shitty world that i didnt chose to be in .:low::eek:
  10. H

    I hear a voice in my mind.

    I think it's mine. I think I hear a voice, therefore it has to be mine. Once in a while I hear my name, but it sounds distant. When I think a voice which sounds like mine and talks, it repeats the same words I speak one in my mind and one from my mouth. I had a accident and fell on my head, ever...
  11. H

    I have given up

    The stigma and judgemental comments come from half of my family. I am so good at presenting a good front and try so hard to be so good and so supportive of my family. I do not want them to feel sorry for me or make any special steps. This has left me so alone and abandoned. My daughter wants...
  12. H

    appt with different person than expecting.

    during a primary mental health team screening or something like that,a nurse i saw about a month ago was suppose to be talking to a pdoc about my medication i think and getting back to me, have not heard anything. then i seen my gp 2 weeks ago and he said he would arrange a telephone appt with...
  13. M


    Iam feeling so bad I want to smash up my flat and once I have done that just go sleep and never wake up I rang the crisis team about it all she said was it is not an emergency ll she said was keep plumping your pillows and keep shaking your duvet for half an hour and you will feel better what is...
  14. calypso

    Not here really

    OK I've drunk a lot this evening and tomorrow I'll regret this. I am alive because I agreed, in my time between lives, that I would support my husband to move forward from the "Warrior mode" he had been in for many years. He had done lifetime after lifetime as a soldier or warrior. Now that...
  15. shaky

    Where does hypomania become psychosis

    I have been hypomanic today. Before going to bed I assembled equipment for self harm and did some. Quite a lot Put on bandages and went to sleep kind of happy Woke up half an hour ago and felt great and unstoppable Had some whisky Tried a couple of things Hd some crazy ideas, but thought it's...
  16. B

    ringing in my head

    I have a constant ringing in my head,told my gp and all he said was he cannot give me anything for it because of the side effects.It really is driving me up the wall.Should i ask for a head xray.
  17. M

    Work issues

    Because you know, I don't need upsetting anymore Long story short, I've been off work for like 8 weeks and a home visit was organized 2 weeks ago, the only problem was that the person who was meant to visit didn't turn up but is saying that she turned up. Little did she know I brought a witness...
  18. M

    That didn't last long

    After a few days of feeling half decent (Not ok but better) It's all crashing down again. So annoying. I thought I was finally turning a corner but no. Had a really bad day yesterday after a GP appointment when I was truthful about everything and even took a friend with me to make sure I was...
  19. P

    Should I ask for my antidepressant to be upped?

    Been taking 50mg of Sertraline for about a month now. There hasn't been any positive changes so far, just feel a little more 'moody' to be honest - not 100% sure if it's an effect of the medication or just a worsening of my disorder. I really can't be bothered to go into the doctors just to...
  20. R

    woken up by banging on door at night

    i don't recall for a long time when someone hasn't been banging on the door when i'm asleep waking me up, sometimes 2 in the morning today at 8 i don't answer, if i ended up having to call the police i'd be waiting around for hrs by which time they'd be gone, i'd rather not confront them Asked...