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  1. Artmuzz

    Unhappy with welfare rights officer

    I am feeling so tense and angry after losing my tribunal hearing and I am so angry that my welfare rights officer couldn’t be with me to represent me at my tribunal hearing due to staff on the sick and on holiday and instead I got someone else to replace her who didn’t have a clue and I was left...
  2. B


    Hi everyone, Nice to be somewhere you can speak freely. My partner was recently made bankrupt and is due to have an interview with the official receiver. If you are not well enough to go ( its been an awful week) what are your legal rights as a mentally ill person? Any help much...
  3. I

    A new Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction Interview (PSSD)

    PSSD Woke Up With Numb Genitals From Hospitalization Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction. Christian was unsuspectingly given PSSD from forced treatment and imprisonment at 'the mental hospital' from 'antipsychotics'. A regular occurring not spoken about, human rights abuse. At 22 years old, this...
  4. D

    Where do I stand?

    This is my first post here, hope I've done it OK. Going to try to keep this as short as possible but not easy. Basically I've been fairly stable/out of acute hospitals for 5 years but currently in the midst of a big dip. Stopped taking my meds cold turkey. CCO said he had to tell my parents...
  5. M

    crazy pride?

    Hi guys and gals, Just a quick question: There is the gay/lgbt pride. Is there a crazy/mental health pride? I do believe that mental health issues and those around animal rights are the next "human rights" and that the "pride"/march is a great way to raise awareness and foster debate around...
  6. cpuusage

    Psych Rights

    Law Project for Psychiatric Rights
  7. L

    Forensic hospital,need advice,on rights

    Need advice on the rights of a patient and a mother visiting,also the care,it seems a closed book,no matter what I ring about,can't get anywhere.anyone with any experience of a low security forensic hospital and how it should work? Please help
  8. B

    Impending political administration

    Yes, living in the Washington D.C. area, the new administration coming in makes me very upset and not hopeful for the future. I happen to work for an agency, which my job ends soon. But by law, the president photo is displayed in all agency buildings. Going into work, seeing "his" face will...
  9. Kerome

    World Psychiatric Association proposes Patients Bill of Rights

    It's good to know we have the same rights as everyone else. A few worrying statistics from the Dutch press article. Currently,: - 37% of United Nations member countries prohibit marriage for people with a psychiatric condition - 36% of UN member countries deny the right to vote to people with a...
  10. L

    UK government in trouble with UN over disability rights

    UK government set for UN grilling in Geneva over
  11. cpuusage

    She fought for patients’ rights, then she was put in a hospital against her will

    She fought for patients’ rights, then she was put in a hospital against her will She fought for patients
  12. trinny


    Bullies need to be called just that bullies bullies bullies repeatedly well in my case they backed off always worth a try its not on no matter how bad you feel you are a human being with rights and dont deserve this treatment stay strong your no ones whipping boy.
  13. amathus

    Manifesto for better mental health

    England’s leading mental health organisations have joined forces to produce a manifesto laying out what the next Government must do to improve the lives of people with mental health problems. - See more at: Manifesto for Better Mental Health | Disability Rights UK Manifesto for Better Mental...
  14. J

    Comparing ATOS to the Nazis

    I get lots of angry uncontrolled thoughts/ voices in my head which say ATOS are like the Nazis because they scapegoat the black triangles. When i had my first episode years ago i had paranoia where i thought i would be eugenically murdered if i didn't recover. Is it actually wrong to compare...
  15. cpuusage

    Partner Bill of Rights: Speaking to the Cycle of Abuse

    Partner Bill of Rights: Speaking to the Cycle of Abuse | Mad In America
  16. P

    E meter

    I am suffering from this for the last 7 years. I will relate my problem. People around me are reacting to what I think and not what I do. I searched the net to know if there is a machine which can broadcast ones thoughts and I found out that there are such machines. I dont know what I should do...
  17. I

    i do not want to be sectioned, i am not doing anything wrong!

    these people at good samaritan behavioral health are trying to send me to the hosptial. have been trying for years now. and i am sick of this. they are using any excuse they can come up with the latest one is that im not taking my "schizophrenia" medication. what do i do to keep them from...
  18. K

    Take medication or get sectioned

    I was given an ultimatum to either take my medication of I'll have to get sectioned. It's not fair that I'm being forced to take medication and cannot refuse. If I was at the hospital or doctors I'll be able to have the right to refuse. Can anybody tell the the process of being sectioned or...
  19. F

    Mental health patients being denied human rights in court, warn leading lawyers

    Mental health patients being denied human rights in court, warn leading lawyers Mental health patients being denied human rights in court, warn leading lawyers - Home News - UK - The Independent
  20. A

    NAMI Exposed as Front Group For Big Pharma

    The US based Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI) which has been posing as a grassroots organization representing the mentally ill has been exposed as a well funded (US$11.7m) mouthpiece for Big Pharma. They pretend to be "advocates" but they fight against human rights for the mentally ill...